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Since February 2009, we've honored our commitment to bidders. That's why we've stayed in business longer than anybody else.

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Free Shipping
All items on DealDash come with free shipping.
Items are typically shipped out within 24hrs.

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Bidding on DealDash is risk free. If you don't win the auction you can always buy the item at a normal, fair retail price and get your bids back for free!

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We don't advertise on TV and therefore there's less bidders on DealDash than other more crowded sites. That's why 7/10 bidders win auctions on DealDash.

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Check DealDash every day for new items. There is more item variety on DealDash than any other penny auction site.

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If you try DealDash and find that it's not the site for you, ask for a money back for your unused bids and you'll get it. No questions asked.

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