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Our team

"I lost $50 and had nothing to show for it."

This happened to me a few years back when I was bidding on a penny auction website, I still remember feeling so let down. I started doing some research about penny auctions and it turned out I wasn't alone. Everyone thought that bidding is a lot of fun, but nobody enjoyed losing their money. That's why we set out to create a different experience... A fair and honest alternative where if you didn't win the auction you would always have the option to get the item you wanted at a great price and get all your bid credits refunded back to you for free. We called that idea the Buy it Now and it took root with shoppers across America, and became DealDash.

Since getting started, we've grown into the most trusted pay-to-play auction provider on the Internet. The fun of bidding combined with the risk free Buy it Now option is what customers love about DealDash. We invite both new and experienced bidders to come and discover how much fun you can have while saving money! We're always ready to help you through live chat or e-mail. Remember, we're just a click away!

William Wolfram
Lari Hakkinen
SVP Sales
Satu Harkonen
Head of Customer Support
Simo Heinonen
Internal Tools Manager
Eero Niemi
Development Director
David O'Weger
Community Manager
Kim Conley
Executive Assistant
William Wolfram