Science of Sleep Memory Foam AcheNoMore Pillow
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    Science of Sleep Memory Foam AcheNoMore Pillow

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    Science of Sleep Memory Foam AcheNoMore Pillow
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    Science of Sleep Memory Foam AcheNoMore Pillow

    Typical bed pillows can be too soft, hard, high, low or don't align your spine in its natural cervical curve... sometimes causing headaches, muscle spasms, a stiff neck, shoulder pain and more. This Ache-No-More Pillow has a cervical roll and a soft cradle of firm convoluted foam to correctly position your head and neck while you sleep, even when you change positions. Its hypo-allergenic premium foam filling is ideal for those allergic to feathers, fibers and dust. Foam won't absorb mildew or retain odor-causing bacteria.

    Designed to support the neck & cradle the head, this memory foam spaceage pillow reduces pressure & tension on shoulders, arms & neck. Relaxes muscles when all is supported correctly. Helps alleviate discomfort from arthritics, cramps, spasms & forces correct sleep posture. In a zip off polycotton easy care cover. Fits standard pillowcases. 22x16x5

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