Our Mission

It’s 2009.

Millions of Americans tried out 1st generation bidding fee auctions. Most lose money and had a poor experience. After a letdown experience, spending $50 on a pay-to-participate auction site with nothing to show for it, our founder decided to create a fair and honest alternative to bidding fee auctions, where losing bidders don’t have to lose the money they spent bidding.

This is what we changed:

  1. Buy it Now & Get Your Bids Back for Free
    On the 1st generation pay to participate auctions there are many losers and only one winner. Bidders who lose an auction also lose their money.
    DealDash lets you try until you win. When you don't win an auction, you can buy the item for the listed price and get the bids you spent back to your account. We call this "Buy it Now & Get Your Bids Back for Free".
  2. No questions asked 90-day money back guarantee
    Some customers are curious about the deals, but just don’t enjoy the auction model. That’s cool. Unlike many pay to participate auctions, you can first try us for free and see if you like it. We didn’t want to build a business on customers who try us once and then feel that it’s not really for them. That’s why we’ll always honor a full refund of the first purchase for any or no reason at all within 90 days of purchase. Just ask and you’ll get it – no questions asked. That’s The DealDash Promise.

By today, DealDash prides itself on being the longest running and most trusted provider in its category.

DealDash is composed of a small team of around 50 passionate individuals, committed to provide the best service experience to our customers. Being in touch with customers and listening to their concerns is extremely valuable to us. If it wasn’t for the feedback we have received from our customers throughout all these years, we wouldn’t be the company we are now. Ideas such as free shipping and no jumper auctions actually came from our customers. In fact, every employee has a feedback call with a customer, every week. This way we want to make sure that everyone in the company knows how our customers experience our service and we can continue to grow together with them.


Treat your customers as you would want to be treated yourself.
Develop new skills and expand your perspective.
Take ownership, take initiative, take action, YOU are the company.
Break assumptions, pursue unconventional ideas.
Data is worth more than 1000 smart opinions. Data is everywhere, use it!
We are a flat organization. Talk with your colleagues and share your ideas.

Open Positions

Company Culture

We believe in the power of passionate people! Throughout the company’s history, we have placed a lot of efforts in identifying smart and dynamic people, burning for self-improvement and passionate about creating something significant together. This strategy has created a unique community of employees striving to challenge each other to continuously improve and move forward.

We feel that the best way to support our employees in their mission is to give autonomy, ownership and a voice. All our employees are encouraged to satisfy their natural curiosity and grab hold of projects they feel passionate about, we want them to contribute in their own unique way. We strive to foster a culture of free and open communication and trust that our employees will forget about hierarchy and focus on actively participating in our development no matter what their position is.

Decision making is our strength, ensuring a dynamic and fast-paced environment, this has been instrumental in our successful growth. We understand that innovation requires a lot of work, and we will fail from time to time. After all, creating new and innovative solutions should not be easy to achieve.

Some of our recent employee feedback (anonymous survey):

The people

‘Combination of responsibility and freedom and learning opportunities’

‘The team. Hands down one of the best teams I've worked with.’

‘The team, everybody here is an all-star. I'm inspired everyday.’

The work culture

‘The work hard play hard atmosphere.’

‘Freedom to decide how to work, clear communication, great co-workers.’

‘I'm trusted to do my job without micromanagement, and I like the flexibility of working hours and location.’

The job

‘Being able to push myself and work on new and exciting projects.’

‘Remote working; opportunity to grow professionally; exposure to every aspect of the business’

Employees Best Memories

‘My best memories are all about working with great people!’ Paavo
‘I really love working at DealDash – you have a lot of flexibility and there are loads of opportunities to take on new and exciting projects!’ Jip
‘I felt so honoured when a customer told our Founder that she hopes her grandson will grow up to be just like me. I still to this day, have a really special connection to this Customer and thanks to her kind words I have been able to follow my ideas to find new and innovative ways to provide Customer Happiness.’ James
‘There is this one customer I really get along with and have lots in common with. Last winter he invited me and my colleague to go visit him, I thought it was such a nice thing to do!’ Adrian
‘I remember this day I was not at the office, so my colleagues called me on video conference to show me the flowers they got me for a special occasion. That was so thoughtful of them! The flowers were waiting on my desk when I came back the next day.’ Celia


  • Flexible working hours and holiday plan

    Flexible working hours and holiday plan

  • Geographic freedom

    Geographic freedom

    Possible remote work for some positions
  • Work from home

    Work from home

    We promote working from home
  • Diversity


    International environment, 20 nationalities
  • Decision making

    Decision making

    Flat management, everyone is encouraged to share ideas and experiment them
  • Growth opportunities

    Growth opportunities

    Impact your own career progression
  • Trust


    We value and trust every talent
  • Communication


    Weekly company meetings and occasional team off-sites
  • The jar

    The jar

    The mystical container that provides snacks, equipment and occasional pranks
  • Fun office parties

    Fun office parties

  • Week of Awesomeness

    Week of Awesomeness

    Amazing yearly company retreat where everyone gathers
  • Kindles


    We sponsor your kindle device!
  • Great team

    Great team

    Passionate people, fun atmosphere and easy communication
  • Choose your own equipment

    Choose your own equipment

    You choose your tools. We sponsor the equipment you need if you work from home
  • Trainings


    We encourage you to learn and sponsor trainings and conferences

Our Team

Pasi Lohi
[email protected]

Graham Devlin
Head of Customer Support

Paavo Pere
Head of Analytics

Lassi Wessman
Head of Customer Acquisition

Joonas Lumijärvi
Head of Finance

Kyle Swenson
Executive Coordinator

Juuso Yrjölä
Logistics Specialist

Thomas Nylund
Logistics Specialist

James Rodgers
Customer Happiness

Stephen B.
Compliance Specialist

Jip J.
Compliance Specialist

Casey D.
Customer Support Specialist

Erin K.
Customer Support Specialist

Ivan R.
Customer Support Specialist

Laura S.
Customer Support Specialist

Michael J.
Customer Support Specialist

Zarah W.
Customer Support Specialist

Simo Heinonen
Product Owner (internal tools)

Jaakko Hyppönen
Business Analyst

Jussi Oja
Digital Marketing Specialist

Pyry Huhtanen
Data Analyst

Reko Vaherkoski
Business Analyst

Timo Riski
Business Analyst

Haojie Ye
Financial Controller

DealDash Team