Conserve Your Bids

Bidding rapidly will only waste your bids and inflate the auction price. Bid strategically, or book BidBuddy to do it for you.

Book A BidBuddy

The majority of auctions on DealDash are won by using the BidBuddy. The BidBuddy strategically places bids for you. It waits until the last second to bid. You can put a limit on how many bids will be used. And you can cancel it at any time.

1. Go to an auction's detail page:

Click on any active auction to view its detail page.

2. Book a BidBuddy:

Type in the number of bids you want to use, then click "Book a BidBuddy"

Earn Free Bids

When you are the Highest Bidder, you will earn time towards your next level. When you reach a new level, you receive free bids.

Study The Competition

Who else is bidding on the item? Watch and learn. Some people keep a notepad to track bidders and what type of bidding strategies they are using.

Buy It Now & Get Your Bids Back

If you do not win an auction, you can get your bids back, by taking advantage of the Buy It Now option. If you bid 100 times on a $50 Walmart Gift Card and don't win, you can just buy the item for $50 and get all your bids back for free. You can now re-use your bids to try to win another auction!

Where is the Buy It Now option?

It is located in two places for your convenience:

1. At the bottom of every auction

2. At the bottom of every auction detail page

Exchange a Win to Bids

Won an auction with just a few bids? You can increase your bid balance by exchanging the item to bids for use in your next auction!

Check Out The Winners

The winners page reveals recently won items and the final auction prices.

Try Different Times

Auctions might be easier to win at different times of the day. Auctions are only open to the US and Canada.

On a Budget?

Try bidding on less-expensive, less-popular items. There will likely be less competition.

Buy Bids on Sale

Make sure to visit DealDash regularly so you can keep up to date on promotions and save on bids!