Example Promo Banner Example Promo Banner
This picture is an example. Check out the promotion banner on the main auction list to see the currently active promotions.

Special Promotional Events


Each time you are the highest bidder, your bidder bar fills up. When the bar is full, you can claim your free bids and your level goes up. During “Highest bidder multiplier” promotions the bar fills up faster, meaning that you will earn the next level and the free bids faster!


More excitement, more deals. The timer counts down to the starting time of the auctions. Make sure to be online early enough to check out all the auctions before they start to make sure you find the most interesting products.


The bid price may change daily depending on the active offers. Make sure to check out the current offer often, not to miss out on the cheapest days.


Check the Rewards and Challenges page for ongoing challenges that can earn you special rewards. Challenges require you to complete a task or a set of tasks before the challenge ends to get a reward. Rewards are automatically added to your account at the time of completion.


We have limited-time, special events that utilize different promotional twists, for example, focusing on select auction twists. In addition, some events might use separate rewards mechanics that reward participation in the event.


All information required for participation is listed on the event page. You can navigate to the event page by clicking the event banner or navigating through the menu to the Event page.

The rules for the event are found here. All auctions related to the event are located on the event page, but the same auctions also appear on the front page. When the event ends, the event page is slimmed down, after which any ongoing auctions will continue following the same rules as previously - but they can only be accessed as normal auctions would be.

If the event uses special rewards mechanisms, like the Event Scoreboard, or there is an ongoing Progress Meter, those also show up on the event page.


Some events use a site-wide scoreboard to give rewards depending on where you are placed when the event ends. Scoreboards use points to rank bidders, which can be collected differently depending on the event. For example, some scoreboard events count the number of bids placed in the event auctions, and others the total time as the highest bidder.

To get the rewards, you need to claim them after the event has ended. If you leave the rewards unclaimed,and the event page expires, the rewards can still be claimed from the Coupons & Gift Cards page under My Dashboard.


The progress meter is a way to get rewards. If there is an ongoing progress meter season, you will find it on the Progress and Challenges page. Collect progress by completing challenges that reward Progress Points.

To get the rewards, you need to claim them after you have earned the reward. If you leave the rewards unclaimed and the Progress Meter expires, the rewards can still be claimed from the Coupons & Gift Cards page under My Dashboard.

Auction Twists

Look for these special auction twist icons that change the auction rules and give you extra benefits.


Win these auctions and receive an extra discount over the final auction price!


The item being auctioned is revealed just 5 minutes before the auction starts. And BidBuddies can only be booked once the item is revealed.


Winners of these auctions cannot exchange the item for bids.


The auction's first runner-up will receive a personal 50% Buy It Now offer, and the opportunity to get all the bids they placed in the auction returned.


When the Auction leaderboard is active, the three bidders who have collected the most Time As Highest Bidder earn additional bid rewards! Time earned in the leaderboard rankings is not affected by Time As Highest Bidder multipliers.


In auctions marked with the No Re-Entry icon, bidders cannot re-enter after the No Jumper limit.

Bids can only be placed using BidBuddy. After the No Jumper limit is reached, bidders who do not have a BidBuddy booked (or run out) cannot re-enter the auction.


In auctions marked with the Duel Auction icon, the auction becomes a duel between the final two bidders! After the No Jumper limit is reached, if two users have placed the last four bids and no one else has bids booked in the auction, a 60-second timer will start counting down. After the timer ends, if no other bidders have bid, other bidders are locked out of the auction.


In auctions marked with the Early Bird icon, you can only book bids 10 seconds before the auction starts. So be an Early Bird and see who’s there to get the worm!


In auctions marked with the Overload icon, you can only book a maximum of 100 bids to the auction at any given time. You can top up your booked bids as often as you like, assuming you have less than 100 bids booked in the auction. If you try booking more than 100 bids in the auction, up to 100 bids are added and the rest of the bids are left in your account. Participating in an Overload auction does not affect the number of bids you can place in normal auctions.


In auctions marked with the Spoils icon, winning the auction gives you free bids. The number of bids equals the dollar number of the Buy It Now price. For example, a product with a Buy It Now price of $100 will give you 100 extra free bids when you win the auction.


Every 60 minutes in auctions marked with the SpyBuddy icon, you can reveal all booked bids for one minute. Any bid count of over 500 is displayed as 500+. The list of booked bids does not update after the reveal; instead, you must wait at least 60 minutes to reveal again.


You can only participate in three auctions marked with the Triple-Booked icon simultaneously. You can place single bids in as many Triple-Booked Auctions as you want, given that you have bids booked in two or fewer Triple-Booked Auctions. Once you have bids booked in three auctions, you can only bid in other Triple-Booked auctions if you cancel the bids booked in one auction. Placing single bids in Triple-Booked auctions where you have bids booked is possible. Participating in the Triple-Booked Auctions does not affect the number of regular auctions you can participate in.


Each time you bid, it will deduct 10 bids from your account. The BidBuddy needs to be booked as a multiple of 10. For example, if you book 50 bids in BidBuddy, you will become the top bidder 5 times. Time As Highest Bidder, Daily Returning Bidder Reward and certain challenges (place X number of bids) will be multiplied accordingly.

Promotions Running Every Day

DealDash customers loved these promotions so much that we now run them every day!


All DealDash auctions have a "No Jumper" limit. With No Jumper auctions, new bidders can't enter the auction after the auction price reaches the No Jumper amount (usually $5.00, but this amount sometimes changes for special events).


The DealDash Royalty Program is a Loyalty Program for all DealDash Users. It’s a way for you to enhance your shopping experience. And it’s a way for us to say “Thank You" for your loyalty.


Every time your BidBuddy automatically places a bid (not manual, single bids) you receive 9 seconds on your Time as Highest Bidder progress bar, even if someone places a bid right after you. If any Time as Highest Bidder multipliers are in place, those will also be applied. Please note: Your first bid placed by a BidBuddy is not subject to receive the full 9 seconds and is considered a manual single bid.


In very popular auctions, BidBuddies booked before the auction starts may not be able to place a bid before the No Jumper limit is reached. In these cases, as long as the BidBuddy was booked before the auction started, and as long as the BidBuddy is not canceled, the spot in the auction is guaranteed!


Keep the bidding streak going! By placing bids on consecutive days you increase the cap of your Daily Returning Bidder Reward. The maximum number of daily returned bids is 30 and depends on the number of bids you placed yesterday.