DealDash Royalty Program

Our customers aren’t just loyal - they’re Royalty.

What is DealDash Royalty Program?

The DealDash Royalty Program is a Loyalty Program for all DealDash Users. It’s a way for you to enhance your shopping experience. And it’s a way for us to say “Thank You" for your loyalty.

How does the DealDash Royalty Program work?

  1. YOU’RE IN!
    No need to join. You’re already on your way to becoming a hero.
    Every bid you purchase throughout the month gets you closer to the next tier.
  3. ENJOY
    Get rewards based on your achieved tier until the end of the next calendar month!

The Tiers

Monthly Purchased Bids
Exclusive Auctions
Included in Hero Royalty Tier
Included in Noble Royalty Tier
Included in Monarch Royalty Tier
Boosted Daily Rewards
Included in Noble Royalty Tier
Included in Monarch Royalty Tier
+1 Time as Highest Bidder Multiplier
Included in Monarch Royalty Tier
Personal Offer Weekly
Included in Monarch Royalty Tier

Royalty Badges

Royalty Badges

From the DealDash Badges page, you can always check your progress towards the Royalty tiers.

Royalty FAQ

  • How Long Do I Stay In My Tier?
    You keep your title and remain in your tier until the end of the following month when all tiers are reset to 0.
  • How Do I Know My Royalty Tier Status?
    Royals will be notified via email when they have achieved a new tier. You can also check your tier status from your DealDash Badges page, where you can find a badge for each tier indicating your progress towards that tier.
  • What is an Exclusive Auction?
    The Royalty Program offers exclusive auctions just for its members. These auctions are scheduled separately from the main auction pages and not visible to users outside of your tier.
  • What are Boosted Daily Rewards?
    Users who have reached Noble and Monarch tiers will receive 2x their Daily Returning Bidder Reward (up to 60 bids per day).
  • What does “+1 Time As Highest Bidder Multiplier” Mean?
    Users in the Monarch tier get an extra boost to any promotional Time As Highest Bidder multipliers for the duration of their time in the tier. When there are no promotional multipliers, users will receive 2x Time As Highest Bidder multipliers.
  • What is the Personal Weekly Offer?
    Users who have reached the Monarch tier will receive a weekly offer sent via email. These offers will include rewards such as free bids, exclusive buy it now prices, win discounts, and more.