Winning Auctions Requires Patience ❤︎ Patience ❤︎ Patience

DealDash Bidding Tip Patience

When it comes to winning auctions on DealDash there are a variety of tips and strategies to keep in mind.

Here are a few great examples shared from experienced DealDash bidders that continue to win auctions and come back to DealDash again and again to do their gift giving shopping for their family and friends.

1. Stay focused on one auction at a time and concentrate bids to that particular auction.

Many times we hear from people that have not won an auction in many weeks and that it’s just too hard to win. Winning is certainly very important to the bidding experience and it can become very discouraging if you’re not winning auctions. When was the last time you had a look at your bidding history or thought specifically about what type of bidding strategy you are using? Does your bidding history (dashboard > bidding history) look a bit like this picture below with 1 or maybe 2 bids on several different auctions?

Bidding History

If you’ve been placing a few random bids on hundreds of different auctions and have not won anything, you may want to change up your bidding strategy and become more focused on what you are bidding on.

2. Set your budget and decide in advance the number of bids to use in the auction which is equivalent to the Buy it Now price for the auction item.

Setting a budget is very important and part of what responsible bidding is all about. Look at the Buy it Now price of an auction and figure out how many bids it makes sense to use in the auction. Know when it’s a good time to back out of the auction and use the Buy it Now to get your bids back in case other bidders are just not stopping.  This will help ensure you are not overbidding or overspending.

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3. Don’t go over the budget. Only use the amount of bids you budgeted to try and win it.

Tip number three is to stick to tip number two and not go over budget! Simple as that.

4. If you don’t win the auction, always buy the item using the Buy it Now and get your bids back so you don’t lose the bids either.

A great tip is to only bid on items you need or want and are planning on buying anyway. If you’ve got a few hundred bids on your account and you absolutely know you are going to need a new set of kitchen pots and pans. Why not take those bids and bid for a new set on DealDash for a chance to win the pots and pans set at 90% off retail? If you don’t win them, simply buy them and get your bids back. You’ll get your shopping down with free shipping and have your bids to use again!

We hope you’ll find some of these tips useful and implement them into your bidding strategy. Based on the data we’ve collected from customers since DealDash was established in 2009 we’ve found that customers who use DealDash as a shopping site and not just a bid to win auction site tend to win more auctions and have a better experience.

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