Improvements Galore!

I´m really happy with all the new improvements that have been introduced in the last couple of weeks. From the new Buy it Now to the stricter winning limits, it´s been great to see all the positive feedback. Now with you in mind we have introduced a couple more great things which I think you´ll really love!

The idea of having to pay something in order for you to keep playing just didn’t seem right to us. With that in mind welcome to FREE Item Exchange. That´s right. You no longer need to pay a dime to exchange a product you win into more Credits! Just exchange it, hassle free!

The Dashboard has an updated look now as well. We hope to have answered your call with making the Dashboard easier to use. Remember to keep the suggestions coming, if you would like to see new improvements, please LET US KNOW! 🙂

Well that’s about it, we´ve been powering out the improvements during these past couple of weeks which I hope you have enjoyed! We have more planned so keep an eye out for ’em.

Have a great day!
Dave & The DealDash team

Improved Buy it Now!

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As the DealDash community grows, new developments and features naturally spring to life. We are very excited to announce an improved Buy it Now. Starting from today whenever you use the Buy it Now, not only will you get your product, we´ll also give you the amount of credits you used, for free! Simply, all Credits used in a DealBattle are now returned upon completing a buy it now purchase.

For example:
If you lose a DealBattle for an iPod Touch 8GB (retails for $199.99) and you spent 50 Credits bidding for it, you may choose to purchase the same iPod model for the same price ($199.99) and we´ll not only ship you the item but immediately add 50 Credits to your account, for free! There are no limits to the amount of Credits that can be added, e.g. Bid a million times, get a million Credits back when you use Buy it Now. There’s no cap – guaranteed!

Here’s what’s been improved and what it means for you.

  • All Credits are equal, BonusCredits are now as valuable as Credits!
  • Instead of always purchasing credit packs to play, just purchase a product after bidding on it and we’ll give you back the credits so you can continue to battle until you win that amazing deal at 96% off! Remember, 77% of deals get sold before they hit $1.00!
  • Now you don’t have to worry about how many credits you place to win an item, just go for it! If you win, great! If you lose, just purchase the product and you’ll have all your credits to score a different deal!
  • You may now take advantage of the Buy it Now offer for a full 7 days after the DealBattle has ended (rather than the previous 24hrs).

We really like this a lot and believe it adds more strategy to the game providing you with a more exhilarating competitive shopping environment! If you have any questions, please feel welcome to send me a message.

Special Promotion – First 50 Buy it Now orders will get Double the amount of Credits back!

*Up to a maximum of 1000 extra Credits per Buy it Now purchase

Many thanks!

Dave and the DealDash team

DealDash Math Exposed!

[vimeo w=542]

Hey DealDashers!

Hope you enjoyed the video! Thanks for watching.

Transparency has always been one of our core values here at DealDash.

With such a unique concept like ours, it´s very important for us to be fully transparent about everything we do.

So we´ve decided to lay all the cards on the table and tell you what it´s really like to run a company like DealDash.

This post is a little longer than usual, bear with me though, you might just get some great strategy out of it!

On a daily basis we run into people who ask questions like “how much money do you make per deal?” and “what´s the average return on a sale?”.

Well, we thought that it´s about time that we´de share the answers to these and other questions with you and the community.

Like many of you know, here at DealDash we simply love data. 🙂 Let´s take a look at last month (July´s) figures:

Out of almost 4,000 deals sold in July:

– 55% of deals got sold during the first 10 minutes

– 77% of deals got sold before they hit $1.00

– 8.8% of deals got sold for only 1 to 2 bids placed! (That´s almost one in ten deals that get sold during the first 2 bids placed!)

– More than 100 deals were sold at only 1 bid placed!

– Our gross margins (the cash we keep between buying the products and selling them to you) were less than 25%. That´s before paying all the other bills.

So for every $100 we took in through sales, around $80 was used to simply buy the brand new products we have on the site.

Because we get to buy the products a little cheaper than what an average shopper could

(typically about 5-10% less than what they retail for at major stores), by the end of the day, you actually end up paying only

a little bit more than what you would if you would go and buy the same products from one of the giant retail corporations like Amazon or Walmart.

That´s taking into account all the money spent buying bid credits without winning, so with an average strategy you end up paying just

a little bit more than what you would if you would do normal, mundane shopping. Let me ask you a question, what´s more fun;

A) Browsing through a static, online catalog at a major retail corporations website and buying the product you are looking for.


B) Finding a product you love and competing for it in an exciting DealBattle with other shoppers to see who gets the best deal, possibly winning it for 96.8% off?

Sure, somebody else will win the deal sometimes. But even taking that into account, an average DealDasher only pays a

few bucks more for every $100 worth of products they buy from DealDash. With just a slightly better strategy than the average bidder,

you´ll be able to consistently score great deals while having the time of your life on the site!

There´s a lot of work that goes into running the site, our small team of tech entrepreneurs work around the clock to ensure

a safe and smooth web environment. We work with our suppliers to make sure products are delivered on time, we handle

technical issues, answer thousands and thousands of emails (coming from your’s truly Dave;), ship thousands of products

through our supplier network, pay salaries and office rent, not to mention the almost $10,000 bill every month just for operating the network of servers that run the site!

The money that is left by the end of the day is usually spent on trying to build more buzz for what we do (some people call it marketing) and develop cool new features.

We do the very best job we can with the goal of providing the most engaging competitive social shopping experience on the planet.

It does seem that our approach is working quite well, during the last few months alone, our userbase has grown to more than 110,000 users.

All based in the US. That´s 0.06% of the US online adult population. (We hope to hit 6% soon 😉 Unlike many of our competitors we haven´t

spent a lot of money on marketing, most likely you heard about us from a friend. You vote with your dollars where you chose to spend your

money and as long as we do a kick-ass job, we´re sure we´ll see you back tomorrow!

We´ve been around for a while, in fact we started working on the site already during the first few months of 2008, we had our launch in February 2009

and since then we´ve been constantly evolving. If you´re reading this, you´ve probably been with us for at least a few months.

By now you´ve probably won a few super deals on the site and perhaps you´ve lost a deal or two as well.

So where do we see the future going?

-Who knows, all we know is that we´ll continue to do what we know best, and provide you with the most engaging competitive social shopping experience on the planet.

Our vision is very big at DealDash and we´re pretty certain that we´re playing a part of changing the world and the way we shop online.

Have a great weekend!

Dave & the team


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