Improvements Galore!

I´m really happy with all the new improvements that have been introduced in the last couple of weeks. From the new Buy it Now to the stricter winning limits, it´s been great to see all the positive feedback. Now with you in mind we have introduced a couple more great things which I think you´ll really love!

The idea of having to pay something in order for you to keep playing just didn’t seem right to us. With that in mind welcome to FREE Item Exchange. That´s right. You no longer need to pay a dime to exchange a product you win into more Credits! Just exchange it, hassle free!

The Dashboard has an updated look now as well. We hope to have answered your call with making the Dashboard easier to use. Remember to keep the suggestions coming, if you would like to see new improvements, please LET US KNOW! 🙂

Well that’s about it, we´ve been powering out the improvements during these past couple of weeks which I hope you have enjoyed! We have more planned so keep an eye out for ’em.

Have a great day!
Dave & The DealDash team