Credit Pack Mania!

Have you noticed what´s going on? 5 credit packs with thousands of bids each going on for days!?
Some of the biggest power-bidders in the industry have come to DealDash to battle it out.
Which power bidder will emerge as the ultimate bidder? Nobody knows quite yet.

We´ve received a lot of emails about this and a lot of people are watching the deals with excitement, as are we!
Here are some of the questions posted:
How come these bidders are taking up each other spending thousands of bids in attempt to win?
Well, it´s all part of their strategy. It´s a battle for domination and they want the community to know that they don´t quit.

Why credit packs?
As you know, winning limits do not apply to credit packs. We allow 10 wins / week, for power-bidders that´s not enough
and being able to bid and win without filling up your limits is something of great value!

Who´s going to win?
There are bets flying around on forums, blogs and the DealDash office! We are no smarter than you, only
time will tell!

Have a good one!
Dave & the team