During the last couple of weeks we´ve been getting hundreds of emails from people telling us to do
something about the same people winning the same product time after time (who needs 8 Kitchen Aid mixers anyway!?!)

We took the advice given to us and we put our developers to work on a new feature. And its out TODAY!
We call it “One-per-user”, it really means that if you have won that product before, you can´t bid on it again.
These deals are specially marked and by going to the DealBattle page (the page with the bidding history, etc.)
you can see a list of users who are blocked from bidding on that deal due to having already won a deal for that item.

Normal deals will continue as usual. You can check who´s blocked before bidding to get a good feel for the competition!
As always, keep telling us what we´re doing great but more importantly tell us when we´re screwing up!

Best wishes from the DealDash team