Keter Rattan Planters for Spring

Have you heard of Keter before? Keter focuses on creating the best products to make people’s lives better.

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to bid on the Keter Rattan planters. This is a set of three woven rattan planters for indoor or outdoor use; and they are good looking!

What is rattan? 

Rattan is the name for the roughly 600 species of palms. Generally, raw rattan is processed into several products to be used as materials in furniture making. Source: Wikipedia

Knowing DealDash has quality items I was impressed by Keter and the quality of planters they offered. The quality plastic composite is water-resistant and won’t deteriorate, break, dent, rust, or stain like other materials can when subjected to the elements. This guarantees that these containers will last a long time whether they are placed in the living room or outside on the patio.

Always looking for bargains I had decided to bid on these Keter planters. I thought the price was good, they looked very nice and I could definitely use them outdoors this spring. The week I decided to bid on the planters was a free auction win week. This means that if you should win the auction you will only pay 1 cent for administrative costs and any bids used.

Keter Rattan Planter Set
Won on with 242 Bids! Total cost = $13.89

Not knowing for sure who or how many people would seriously bid on these I watched, bid once, then waited to see how many others were going to be in the auction. I then decided to try to win the auction, set my bid buddy and for only 242 bids and won! With bids on sale so often, I was able to get my bids for only 14 cents. For $13.89 (the cost of bids + $.01) I was able to win a set of beautiful Keter Rattan planters!

Having an opportunity to win something like this on DealDash really helps me stretch my budget and allows me to have nicer things around my home like these planters which are not only beautiful but sustainable and recyclable! Keter is a really amazing company and they use non toxic and 100% recyclable Polypropylene (PP) to manufacture their products!

I know it is only January, but it will soon be spring and I am excited to get these planters in the yard. is one of the most fair and honest sites on-line, which is why I’ve been shopping with them for about 2 and a half years.

By bluebea

Beautiful Precision Yard Thanks to DealDash

Never in a million years did I think I would ever find such a wonderful deal on a product you wouldn’t expect to find on a deal site like DealDash, the 75lb Precision Broadcast Spreader.

DealDash helped my family obtain a brand new 75lb Precision Broadcast Spreader. This spreader not only helped us seed our entire pasture with grass seeds, it also held the fertilizer to make it beautiful. And the best part of all of it is I only used 346 bids and paid one penny. Needless to say I did a happy dance when I won this Precision Broadcast Spreader!

Precision Products 75 LB Broadcast Spreader
Won on with 346 bids!

DealDash is such a great place to get top brands for literally pennies on the dollar. Thanks to this particular win of a Precision brand product, we now have a beautiful yard year round. Anyone who has had the challenge of getting their yard just right, knows the struggles. You must plant your seeds just at the right time, water the ground, and fertilize properly. Our family lives in a very rural area where there isn’t much going on so there is time to focus on a project like this. The Precision Broadcast Spreader made it an easy task of making sure our yard had the balanced amount of seeds and fertilizer without a heavy strain on our backs. We filled it up and cranked out the seeds. Now we have a beautiful yard to prove it.


To think that there was nothing but dirt here just a short year ago. Thanks DealDash!!

I have been telling anyone and everyone that will listen to head over to and try it out. Deal Dash is AMAZING!! There are so many wonderful products to win. These are name brand items and it’s a lot of fun. DealDash makes it easy to bid and win. And to top it all off, they ship everything for FREE! I have never paid for shipping since being a member in 2012. The customer service is amazing if you need any questions answered.

Needless to say, my experience has been a positive one. Out of my wins, the most I have ever paid for a final selling price was $7.30 and that was for a $250 retail item. You just can’t beat that. I have won many items since 2012 and I will continue to play the game.

I have my eye on some great products right now. I am even currently in a bid room as I type this article. Go sign up and get ready to win. You won’t be sorry you made the move to DealDash. I am heading back over there now. Wish me luck and get to bidding if you haven’t started already!

By Dean Harris (jimmydean2010)

About Precision Products Inc.

We are proud to be one of the leading manufacturers of heavy-duty quality lawn and garden equipment. We have continued to grow and make new strides in innovating and improving our products everyday. From easy to assemble trailer carts, to heavy-duty aerators and dethatchers, to fully assembled lawn spreaders, there is a precision product for your every need.

As a leader in tow-behind equipment, Precision Products manufactures the Rugid ® brand to handle the tough jobs that professionals and everyday garden enthusiasts take on. In addition to our Rugid ® brand, we also manufacture and sell a number of lawn and garden equipment and accessories world-wide, including Precision Pro and Vigoro brand names.

Our 565,000 square foot manufacturing facility is centrally located in Lincoln, Illinois. With 32 loading docks, we produce and ship thousands of spreaders, trailer carts and many other lawn and garden accessories for delivery around the world each day.

How DealDash Helped Me Remodel

Hello to all DealDash players and those soon to be! No need to look further for the best and most exciting site to get a deal because you’ve found it here at

Up late one night back in Spring of 2011 I saw a commercial for DealDash, as you’ve probably seen as well, and my curiosity got the better of me.  I took a look at DealDash and started reading reviews and auction tips but after signing up but I have to admit I got a little bit nervous about playing and therefore did nothing.

My account was in limbo for quite a while because I wasn’t sure about all the deals I was seeing and felt a bit skeptical. My research finally convinced me and I took the plunge and bought my first bid package at 16¢ per bid. Why I didn’t plunge sooner was a mistake on my end, as I soon realized what I had been missing.

My first win was a $10.00 Burger King gift card that cost me .01 cents and 1 bid for a total investment of .17 cents. Let me tell you that Whopper never tasted so good! I loved the thrill, continued to play and the wins just started pouring in.

It’s hard to key in on just one great win as I’ve had so many. However, one of my wins started a chain reaction of redecorating our family room. I had bid on a 3-pc Fangio Metal and Ceramic Lamp set valued at $345.00 and won it for $13.75 plus 147 bids for a total spend of $26.84. Pretty good deal!

Fangio Lighting Metal & Ceramic Lamp 3 Pc Set
I received the lamps within the week with free shipping (all items no matter how big or small come with free shipping) and upon putting them in the family room they just didn’t match the decor. So, remodelling stepped in at a very low cost. My husband, who is quite handy, painted our old oak tables a nice modern black, pulled up our carpet to find nice flooring underneath, hung some new pictures, moved the furniture around and had painted the walls 6 months earlier, so an updated family room was now complete and I was happy! You never know what a new set of lamps will do for you.
Buy it Now on DealDash

Of course I’m not always winning auctions. I’ve lost them too, sometimes to ego by just wanting to win and other times by not following the recommended tactics and tips DealDash offers. One of the great things DealDash offers is the opportunity to get your bids back in case you lose with the Buy it Now.

Follow the tips given and stay within your budget and you too will be a winner along with all the other DealDash members.  There are plenty of auctions to go around with over 1,000 listed daily so have fun and enjoy!

Guest blog entry by meadowlark88

DealDash Review by REALBADOCD

I have been playing on DealDash since December 31, 2012 and I still love to bid!

The site and their small staff have put together what I feel is the most fun way to win products and get great deals. It offers the user a chance to win items that they need or use on a daily basis.
But winning is not  everything. Even if you do not win an auction you still have the option to Buy it Now at a great price, get your bids back, plus the item with FREE shipping. My advice to a New Bidder would be to watch for a while and MAKE SURE TO OPEN THE INDIVIDUAL AUCTION AND NOT BID FROM THE MAIN PAGE! This allows you to see all of the bidders involved along with the ability to read their bios. You will learn so much just by watching the auctions this way.
Once you find an item you like and wish to bid on, make sure to have enough bids in your account to go the distance. Also, be prepared to Buy it Now and get your bids back if you happen not to win.

A few rules of thumb and tips to follow.

  • I recommend using your BidBuddy and go for it! You can not win if you do not bid.
  • Don’t jump other bidders (outbid immediately), rather and let the clock run down, as you will also be rewarded with FREE BIDS for your time as “high bidder” with each level you advance.
Free DealDash Bids
Time As Highest Bidder
  • I would say to not just book 25 bids on an auction, but go all the way if you are bidding on an item. If you happen to win with 25 bids that’s awesome! But don’t waste 25 or 32 bids, for an example, on an item that you do not plan to buy anyway.
  • Every bidder has their own strategy and the bidding can get intense. Hang in there, you will be surprised how exciting it is with your first win! I still get chills when I see all those fireworks going off on my screen!
Fireworks on DealDash

I hope this helps and don’t forget to watch out for me as I may be bidding against you!

Take Care and Good Luck!

Guest blog post by REALBADOCD

DealDash Makes Great Memories

DealDash is more than great Deals, DealDash makes great Memories!!!

I have won some great items on Dealdash. My first memorable Big Win was this HP 17-inch touch screen computer during a “Free to the Winner” weekend. I really needed a new computer, but best of all is watching my granddaughter look up wild life information. Animal life and information is her passion so I’m so happy to have this for her to use. I used 1096 bids to win this. 1096 x .15 = $164.40.


Following this win, I also won a pair of matching bicycles for my granddaughter and I. One for $3.87 and the other for $8.34. I took this picture of the bicycles and posted it to the DealDash Facebook page where I was selected with the best photo of the week therefore was rewarded a free $500.00 gift card to my choice of Amazon or Walmart! How exciting!!

Then there are the numerous restaurant and store gift cards I’ve won which have allowed me to treat my family to evenings of not having to cook for their families. Best of all being able to spend special time with them. The movie gift cards especially made sleepovers at grandma’s extra special.

I was also lucky enough to win a 42-inch LED TV during a 50% off sale. By “lucky”, I am referring to the fact that while I was waiting for my new TV to be delivered, the TV in my bedroom blew the picture tube. My final cost on the TV was $22.41.

The buy it now (BIN) feature has been great for me. The BIN has allowed me to get some items I really wanted at a good price when I lost the final bid. Plus, when you use the buy it now, you get back all the used bids in that auction to try again. For those considering to give DealDash a try, I recommend using the Buy it Now in case you don’t win. Overall this will lead a a better experience and allow you to win more auctions.

Things NOT to do and things to do

I have learned a lot of things not to do while bidding. For example: Don’t let stubbornness get the best of you. I learned that lesson by bidding more than a 1,000 bids on an 800 bid pack. Also, be sure not to get up in the bidding and forget to set the bid buddy when you walk away from the computer.

When getting started it’s good to just watch at first. You can learn so much by watching auctions. Make your first few auctions small priced items, you won’t feel as bad if you lose. Don’t bid on an item just to bid. You’re just wasting bids and you get more upset with yourself. Let it be for an item you want for yourself or to give as a gift. Just take your time bidding learning and remember the bidding tips that work for you.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding