DealDash-ing | An Experience I Look Forward to Daily

“DealDash-ing” is an experience I look forward to daily. On DealDash, there is useful, good quality merchandise to be had for a song!

Most of my Christmas shopping this past year was done on DealDash. I have to say my most exciting win was for the Rosetta Stone TOTALe Latin American Spanish lessons, level 1-5. My husband was desperate to learn spanish and I wanted to refresh my skills so I was very happy to win this on DealDash using 332 bids with a final closing price of $54.51. Keep in mind the several ways to earn free bids and DealDash just had a sale with 14¢ bids yesterday. All in all there was more than 50% savings.

I’ve been a “DealDasher” for 17 months and find it fun and challenging. My favorite promotions are the auctions that credit your ‘highest bidder’ status 2,3, and sometimes 5 times; getting you to the free bids faster; though, my husband, and I’m sure many others, prefer the ‘free’ auctions.

The participants are also very interesting. I read the bios and messages that many share and find them ranging from amusing to pitiful. My husband has them sorted into groups.

  • Newbies – new to the site and haven’t grasped the concept, so they bid quickly and often with little success, if any. I feel their pain and frustration…it was my own when I first started.
  • Conspiracy Theorists – always keeping an eye on the bidding patterns, suspicious of organized bidding practices. If you ever suspect possible team play DealDash encourages bidders to report any suspected team players to the customer service team. DealDash is professionally audited by EY.
  • Bid Bullies – those that spend bids in excess of the retail price to achieve the win.

I strongly encourage EVERYONE to give DealDash a try! For me, the potential for great savings keeps me excited each and every day. It’s like Christmas year round!!

By MsCruellaDeville – Shopping on DealDash since August 2013

Amazing Breville Espresso Machine Deal

The most exciting win that I have had with DealDash is my Breville Espresso Barista machine.

I was new to DealDash and just trying to figure out how to play the game. I played a few times with no avail and lost most of the bids I had bought. I had eight bids left and decided to put them all on this Breville espresso machine (which I have always wanted) and didn’t even look at the bidding game. I went to browse another website and when I came back to I could not believe my eyes! I had won the Breville Espresso Barista machine for only thirteen cents and used just three of my eight bids.

Well needless to say I was very impressed and have won several items since then, all less than fifty cents a piece. Do you know what is even more exciting than winning a six hundred dollar item for only thirteen cents? It’s the fact that it was shipped to my house for free!!! That was one of the most awesome things. This Breville espresso machine is a heavy item and would have cost me a bundle of money to ship. I really couldn’t believe it was free.

breville espresso barista machine deal
I won this Breville Barista Espresso Machine on DealDash for just 13 cents!!! DealDash is the most exciting way to get a deal and discover brands.

DealDash is a great site to get deals and I recommend it to everyone I talk to. My Breville espresso machine is beautiful and the most used item in the house. My two sons and I use it everyday. It makes espresso shots, has a frothier and will make lattes, mocha and all different kinds of coffee. This machine also has its own grinder and reservoir for the water so you don’t have keep adding water every time you want a cup. I must say fresh ground coffee is so much better than the ground coffee you buy at the store.

I love this machine and now all my friends come over to have a specialty coffee and also love my Breville espresso machine too. Breville is a real quality brand available on DealDash – the most exciting way to get a deal!

Guest blog post by DealDash user: mkirg3

Wikipedia: Breville is an Australian manufacturer and marketer of small kitchen appliances, founded inMelbourne, Australia, in 1932.[1] They created the original sandwich toaster.

Bid Well and Happy New Year!

WOW! It’s been over two years and I am still playing, bidding, and winning on DealDash! The most fabulous way to get a deal!

Everyday I still see some bidders who have been playing on DealDash as long as I have and some even longer. Why are we still here you may ask? Because it is well  worth it. You may not win an auction every single time but in the long run you can save a ton of money.

Deal Dash and some bidders will even give you the tools to help you succeed. There are many different tactics and tips to help you. By other bidders posting blogs articles here and on other sites like DealDash Reviews and DealDash Tips, you can gain a lot of useful information.

Here is one important tip I ALWAYS depend on.

The infamous “Bid Buddy”. Set your bid buddy with a predetermined amount of bids that you would like to spend and sit back and watch. You do not have to stress over whether or not you get your bid in on time. The computer will place your bid in the last few seconds and if no one else bids, you win!  How easy is that. The bid buddy will never miss the timer. If you put in single bids you may not get your bid in on time. You would not want to lose an auction that way. Way too frustrating.

One way I like to bid is to bid on the same brand of items. Once you use a product from a certain manufacturer you have an idea of what the quality is. I love the Rachael Ray line of kitchen and cookware items. You probably all know her from the Food Network. She is a little quirky and fun to watch.

Rachael Ray Cookware

The kitchen line that she has put out is of very good quality. I have bid on her items many times. I have either won or binned (Buy it Now to get bids back) several of her items. Those items would include the red stoneware, pasta forks, the spoonula, a casserole, and the EVOO & vinegar set. I prefer the “red” line of products but she does have a mix and match type of line like the orange pictured above.

Either way you choose, you will be very happy with these products. Always keep in mind that these products come up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and are featured on DealDash numerous times giving you many chances at winning. If the certain auction doesn’t appeal to you then wait until the next one. Give it a little time and patience and you can have all the products that you would like to have at considerable savings! Bid well my friends and have happy new year!


That’s My Pet: Bird


“Mom, Dad, can I have a pet?” Is this a familiar question in your house? It certainly is in mine, and we are in good company. It’s estimated that over 60% of American households have at least one pet.

In this DealDash Blog series we will highlight different pets, give some basic facts about pet ownership, and hopefully help you make informed decisions about your new furry, feathered, or finned family member. Let’s get started!

Today’s pet is the bird. As a person who spent a few years working at a pet store, I can say that pet birds are extremely popular, especially the less expensive ones such as a parakeet. However, if you live near one of the bigger pet stores they tend to have a large variety of pet birds, from the inexpensive to extremely expensive, such as a large parrot like an African Grey.

In my experience working at the pet store and seeing all of the birds come and go, I would say that my favorite kind of bird that was a nice balance of price and personality was the Sun Conure.


The Sun Conure is an absolutely gorgeous bird with an awesome, playful personality that delights just about everyone that they come into contact with. They are intelligent, playful, and are significantly quieter if kept as single pets instead of a pair. Sun Conures make good pet birds for a family because of their sociable, upbeat and affectionate personality. However, if they are kept as a single, be prepared to spend a lot of time interacting with them, as they are prone to picking at their feathers when bored and lonely.

Sun Conures have an adventurous attitude and are quite active – no boring branch sitters here! They entertain themselves in many ways, such as by playing in their water bowls or during bath time, playing with toys on the floor, or riding around on your shoulder.

Of course, the first question that most people have when talking about pet birds is: Does it talk? And yes, Sun Conures can learn words and phrases. You will never have a heart to heart talk with this bird, but it can definitely learn enough language to amuse you and your friends.

There are many many wonderful birds that can make great pets, and they mostly need the same items to keep them healthy and happy. Here is a list of the must-haves:

  • Cage of an appropriate size to your bird
  • A variety of perches for him to sit on
  • Cage lining (even just newspaper can work well)
  • Food – a variety of food is best, including commercialized seed, fresh fruits and veggies, calcium, treats
  • Toys – a variety is best, including small bells/balls, ropes, mirrors
  • Cleaning supplies that are safe to use with your friend
  • Food and water dishes
  • And of course…The name of a vet who specializes (or at least accepts) birds

If you’re looking into getting a pet bird, DealDash has a few of the above items available, please click here to see the auctions.


I hope that this article has helped you understand a little bit about setting up a home for a new feathered friend. If you are in the market for a cage or feeder, pet store gift card, or any other pet-related items head on over to DealDash‘s “Other” section and see what they have up for bid today. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!