DealDash-ing | An Experience I Look Forward to Daily

“DealDash-ing” is an experience I look forward to daily. On DealDash, there is useful, good quality merchandise to be had for a song!

Most of my Christmas shopping this past year was done on DealDash. I have to say my most exciting win was for the Rosetta Stone TOTALe Latin American Spanish lessons, level 1-5. My husband was desperate to learn spanish and I wanted to refresh my skills so I was very happy to win this on DealDash using 332 bids with a final closing price of $54.51. Keep in mind the several ways to earn free bids and DealDash just had a sale with 14¢ bids yesterday. All in all there was more than 50% savings.

I’ve been a “DealDasher” for 17 months and find it fun and challenging. My favorite promotions are the auctions that credit your ‘highest bidder’ status 2,3, and sometimes 5 times; getting you to the free bids faster; though, my husband, and I’m sure many others, prefer the ‘free’ auctions.

The participants are also very interesting. I read the bios and messages that many share and find them ranging from amusing to pitiful. My husband has them sorted into groups.

  • Newbies – new to the site and haven’t grasped the concept, so they bid quickly and often with little success, if any. I feel their pain and frustration…it was my own when I first started.
  • Conspiracy Theorists – always keeping an eye on the bidding patterns, suspicious of organized bidding practices. If you ever suspect possible team play DealDash encourages bidders to report any suspected team players to the customer service team. DealDash is professionally audited by EY.
  • Bid Bullies – those that spend bids in excess of the retail price to achieve the win.

I strongly encourage EVERYONE to give DealDash a try! For me, the potential for great savings keeps me excited each and every day. It’s like Christmas year round!!

By MsCruellaDeville – Shopping on DealDash since August 2013