Online Auction Promotions Explained

While DealDash is best know for being the leading pay-to-participate auction (a certain type of online auction) provider in the US, there is more than what meets the eye. The auctions stay fresh and exciting for many reasons:

Online auction promotion overview
There’s a wide variety of different kinds of promotions on DealDash that make the bidding fee auction an exciting experience!
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Is DealDash legit? Read About The Customer Reviews.

You know the saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, then run away as fast as you can.” If a Moroccan Prince emails you out of the blue and says he is holding millions of dollars in escrow for you, then you probably should click that “delete email” button as fast as you can. The same goes for grand promises made by money managers and fly-by-night investment companies. If they promise to double your money in just days, then you probably are dealing with a classic pyramid scheme. What about DealDash? Is DealDash legit?

DealDash is 100% legit.
Be careful if something sounds too good to be true!

Some of our auctions really do seem too good to be true, but we also claim to be fair and honest. So what gives? Does DealDash deliver on the fun and savings that are promised, or is it yet another entry in a long line of things that are too good to be true?

DealDash Has Legit Reviews

Opinions… everyone has them and they all seem to be posted online! Jokes aside, it is a great idea to read reviews to help you make up your mind. The popularity of the online review has grown so much, that you can find opinions on where to eat, who to work for, and much more. What do the reviews about DealDash say? Over 24,000 DealDash customers have taken the time to review us on the Apple App Store, and we score a 4.3 out of 5. Google’s Play Store shows similar results, where the majority of the 37,000 reviewers left us a 5 star review. A company can make any claims they want, so it is a great idea to check what their customers have to say. So, is DealDash legit? According to our customers, the answer is a resounding yes!

You’ll also find thousands of 100% real customer written reviews at sites such as SiteJabber or Truspilot where at time of writing 81% of reviews have rated us at 5 stars.

DealDash ratings are mostly great.
Thousands of DealDash customers have spoken.

DealDash Gives Top-Notch Customer Support

If something is too good to be true, you will not know it at first. In the beginning, you will be seduced by big promises and outrageous claims, only to learn the hard truth a short bit later. In the world of business, this truth often reveals itself to the consumer when a company suddenly becomes very hard to get a hold of. You may find yourself stuck with a surprise charge or a shoddy product. If you are really unlucky, you may find yourself actually stuck on the other side of the world as thousands of travelers did when their budget ticket provider went bankrupt overnight.

This is not the case with DealDash. We pride ourselves on offering live customer support 24/7, and our friendly Team is always just a few clicks away. You can get a hold of them by email, live chat, or phone. You do not need to worry about giving DealDash a try only to be ignored. In fact, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on your first purchase of bids. Trying DealDash is risk-free!

DealDash customer support is live 24/7, 365 days of the year.
Anytime day or night, we are here to help!

DealDash Is Legit Fun!

It is fun to save money (and spend money too for that matter!). We think that DealDash auctions are the most entertaining shopping experience out there. There are other ways to find savings, but clipping coupons does not offer the thrills that come with a live auction.

Having fun is important, and we love to have a great time, but for us, that is only part of the DealDash experience. Our top priority is to offer auctions that are fair and honest. We even arranged to have an external audit of our bidding platform, and published the results. This is just one step in our effort to be as transparent and approachable as possible. And hey, when things feel fair, things feel fun, right?

We believe that a service is not worth using unless it is trustworthy. Carnival games are fun, but what’s the point of playing if you can’t win? We are thrilled that millions of bidders have put their trust in us since we began offering online auctions. So, is DealDash legit? Come and see for yourself.

If you are new to DealDash or the bidding fee online auction model and want to give it a try, use the promo code “dealdash2020” upon registration to get an extra 100 free bids with your first Bid Pack purchase.

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The Best 4th of July Deals on DealDash

Looking for the best 4th of July deals this year? Look no further as we’ve listed the DealDash Independence Day deals below. The deals start already on Friday the 3rd of July and continue until Monday when the Independence Day Clearance ends.

Cheap Bids

Cheap bids on DealDash
Buy bid packs at only 11¢ per bid

What would the 4th of July deals be without cheaper bids? We know you all love the chance of buying bids at a discounted price. On Saturday, bid packs on DealDash cost only 11¢ per bid!

Make the most out of this special occasion and fill up with bids to use in auctions later on.

Brand New Car Auction

Strike the most exciting 4th of July deals by bidding on a car
A brand new car auction starts on DealDash on Saturday

We are auctioning a brand new truck on Saturday! Can you guess which car is the next DealDash brand new car auction?

Check out the auction and book a BidBuddy now.

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More Free Bids From Milestone Levels

The Time as Highest Bidder levels are one of the things bidders love about DealDash – it’s all about getting free bids! However, it’s been many years since we last took a look at how Time as Highest Bidder rewards are distributed. We at DealDash continuously listen to feedback from our customers. One of the topics we get feedback for the most is bidders wanting more free bids. Read about some changes made to the system below. These changes came into effect on Thursday 6/4/2020.

How Can I Get Free DealDash Bids?

Getting free bids on DealDash is as easy as clicking the “Claim now” button once you have gained enough time to your Time as Highest Bidder bar. There are frequent Time as Highest Bidder multiplier promotions and you can even gain personal multipliers for completing challenges on DealDash.

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Get Free Online Auction Bids from DealDash YouTube!

An auction gavel strikes down and indicates the beginning of an online auction.
You can enjoy the thrill of online auctions for free!

Have you ever come across something that seems too good to be true? OxiClean, the cleaning product from 90’s infomercials, guaranteed it could clean up grease, grime, sweat or just about anything else imaginable, and sure enough it did! Oprah once promised her studio audience a day they would never forget, and she delivered by giving everyone a free car. How about free online auction bids?

Surely that can’t be possible, right? Wrong! DealDash has an offer for you that sounds too good to be true; you can earn hundreds of free bids each week by watching DealDash’s YouTube Channel and participating in the weekly challenges.

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Liquidate Inventory on DealDash

Today, DealDash has made an important announcement, buying a full page ad in both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. You will find the transcript of the ad below. If you have a business with sitting inventory and this affects you, please reach out to us by phone or email [email protected] Read more about the liquidation from Yahoo.com.

DealDash buys inventory liquidations and other brand new goods
If you have inventory to liquidate, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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