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Happy Halloween 2016 from DealDash!


Happy Halloween! Here’s to a safe and fun Halloween for everyone.

Halloween is a time for scary fun, and great seasonal treats as well. Halloween perfectly embodies the spirit of the crisp and chilly fall season. The earliest traces of the origin of Halloween are found with the Celtic festival, Samhain, which was the Celtic New Year. Samhain, of course, has very little to do with today’s Halloween festivities, though.

Gemmy Halloween Airblown Pumpkins Stack on Each Other

If you’re wondering why we carve pumpkins on Halloween, carving a “Jack-o’-lantern” originated with the Irish immigrants (Hi Grandma and Grandpa!) brought the tradition to America, where pumpkins were plentiful and far easier to carve than the original large turnips and potatoes that were used in Ireland. The story about the Jack-o’-lantern comes from an Irish folktale about a man named Stingy Jack. The story is much too scary to tell here on this family blog – but suffice to say that carving  a Jack-o’-lantern is a perfect thing to do to get into a spooky frame of mind.

Interestingly enough, Halloween is the second most commercially successful holiday here in the USA – trailing after Christmas, of course. You might wonder what all of that money is going towards. Candy is a huge part of it, of course, Americans buy about 600 million pounds of candy each year for Halloween. Also going towards the tally are costumes, pumpkins, party supplies, and decorations. About 50% of households in the US decorate for Halloween, which makes things so much more fun for the trick-or-treaters.

If you didn’t decorate your house for Halloween this year, consider decorating next year. DealDash can help – throughout the year DealDash offers a selection of Halloween decorations, including large inflatable lawn decorations that are usually very expensive. You can get an awesome deal if you win one! And if you don’t win, you can always BIN (Buy It Now) and receive all of your bids back to try again on another auction, as well as getting free shipping. Now that’s a ghoul of a deal! Just click this link here to visit DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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DealDash Deals for Chilly Weather



Shopping and bidding on DealDash is a time and money-saver. Here are some items for the chilly weather that’s coming…

DealDash is here for you no matter what the season. In the summer DealDash has pools and lawn mowers, in the spring gardening supplies, in the fall rakes and leaf blowers, and in the winter snowblowers and shovels. Now that it’s fall headed into winter, here are a collection of products that DealDash offers up for auction that can help with the chilly weather.

Faux fireplaces. Faux fireplaces are a multi-use product. They provide an electric heating source, light, and a classy decoration for your home. Most people enjoy sitting by a fireplace when the weather starts getting chilly, but not everyone is lucky enough to have a built in fireplace in their home. A faux fireplace is the perfect choice for an apartment, it provides a decorative piece of furniture with the added bonus of being able to take it with you when you move. DealDash has been offering faux fireplaces for a while now. They have a few different styles. Some look similar to a flat screen TV, others look like a potbellied stove, and some even look like a real fireplace that you can put things on it’s mantle. When the weather gets chilly, check out the faux fireplaces on DealDash.

Blankets. You probably don’t normally think about DealDash when you are shopping for a blanket,  but you should! A blanket is a perfect example of a product that you should always try to win on DealDash first instead of shopping at the store. If you are definitely planning on buying a blanket anyway, why not try to win it on DealDash? If you win, that’s great! If you don’t happen to win, then you can always BIN (Buy It Now) for the retail price, get all of your bids back to use again, get free shipping, AND get to keep of of the clock time that you earned as being the highest bidder. It’s really a no-brainer when you think about it!

If you would like to get either of these items for the chilly weather that’s on its way, just search for them on DealDash, then set an alert. Setting an alert is simple. Just search for your item, click on the item, and look on the right side of the screen. There will be a blue button that says “Alert Me”. Click on the button, and when the item is coming up for auction DealDash will send you an email. It’s the only way to never miss out on an auction for a product that you really want.

I hope that you have found this article helpful, thanks for reading! Go check out DealDash at this link right here. Good Luck and Happy Bidding everyone!

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Playing Sports with DealDash



DealDash has sports products for everyone in the Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors, and Games Category. Let’s see what we can play with DealDash!

The DealDash Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors, and Games category has a ton of great sports products up for auction. For starters, they have bikes for the whole family – Mom, Dad, the kids, and even Grandma and Grandpa! What’s better than a bike ride around the neighborhood with the whole family? If you need a bike for one (or all!) of the members of your family, then you need to check out DealDash’s Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors, and Games category.

DealDash also offers many different varieties of exercise equipment. If you’re looking for a fun, healthy new exercise hobby, DealDash has the equipment that you need! DealDash offers treadmills, stationary bikes, rowing machines, and even yoga supplies such as yoga mats and yoga balls. Starting an indoors exercise program now is a great idea, the winter is the perfect time to use exercise equipment. Start now, be fit by the summer time.

Finally, another favorite in DealDash’s Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors, and Games category are trampolines. DealDash has been offering trampolines in different sizes for a while now. I haven’t been lucky enough to win one yet, but if you or your kids would enjoy a trampoline in your yard, check out Dealdash‘s Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors, and Games category.

If you’re more into indoor activities and gadgets than sports, have you had a chance to download the DealDash app? If you’d like to bid on any of the thousands of DealDash auctions the app can help you snag an auction if you aren’t near your computer. You can buy bid on auctions, set reminders, set or remove BidBuddies, and even change your profile picture. The DealDash app is simple and fun to use.

Here is the Android version on Google Play – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dealdash&hl=en

Here is the iOS version in the App store –https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dealdash/id965782383?mt=8

Thanks for reading the blog today, we appreciate your time and your thirst for DealDash knowledge. Just click on this link to go to DealDash to browse auctions, set BidBuddies, bookmark auctions, and more. Now go visit DealDash and see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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DealDash is the Best!



If you’re reading the DealDash blog, I have to assume that you are interested in online auctions! There are many different sites, but DealDash is the best!

There may be many other “online sites” out there, but DealDash is clearly the best option. Most online auctions work very similarly, bidders pay a fee to purchase bids. On DealDash Each bid increases the price of the item by one penny and extends the time of the auction by 10 seconds. Other auctions may increase the price by a few cents, or increase the time of the auction by 30 seconds or more. These are just two examples of why DealDash is far superior to the competition.

DealDash also has an excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau, with a 4.9 (out of 5) A+ rating. The BBB recommends that you know exactly how the bidding on DealDash works, set a bidding limit for yourself before you start, and be prepared to walk away if you hit your limit. If you can follow that simple advice from the Better Business Bureau then you are sure to have a wonderful time bidding on DealDash.

In addition to all of the awesome above-mentioned facts, DealDash also offers FREE shipping on every single item, no matter how low the auction fee. The competing auction sites offer free shipping on just gift cards, or small items and have excessive “handling charges” on other items. Some sites even charge to ship gift cards, and disturbingly, they are charging $2-3 to ship a single gift card. Stick with DealDash, where every item is shipped for free.

As you can see, DealDash might have a similar bidding format as other bidding sites, but they are far and away the best choice for your money. Visit DealDash at this link right here, and see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!