End of Summer Welcomes Winter Holiday Shopping

I guess we all pretty much have seen the end of summer. The last picnic, the last trip to the beach, the last short and t-shirt day.

A lot of lasts as summer ends, but just think of all the enjoyment we deal dashers got from our restaurant gift cards, gasoline gift cards, and retail store gift cards we won on DealDash.com! At least for me. my long summer weekend journeys included trips to southern Illinois, southern Ohio and the Wisconsin Dells. These trips were for travelling baseball team tournaments.

I was able to use gasoline gift cards I won on DealDash in all three states. I used Subway cards at various locations and even bought the baseball team doughnuts at Dunkin’!  I was honored with the title “Team Grandma”. I could not have been so generous if I had not saved these cards for the past few months. I either win or bin on DealDash for the cards I know I am going to be able to use on the road. Being fortunate winning some really good auctions on DealDash, I save money and am able to help my “team” if need be.

DealDash.com allows you to buy it now and get your bids back too. If I am not successful on an auction, buying it now makes perfect sense. I get all of my bids back for free, (no other site does that) and then I get to try again. My entire family loves DealDash.com and all the wonderful items and gift cards they have available.  So, while the end of summer is here, we can look ahead to the winter holidays which will mean a lot of bidding and winning, too!

By Joan Vith

How to Win on DealDash? Follow These Steps

I have been playing DealDash for 2 years now and have won over 160 auctions since becoming a member. I know how to win on DealDash. One of the things I do every week to help me win is collect the free bids.

DealDash gives you several opportunities to collect free bids so if you want to know how to win on DealDash, I suggest you start stocking up! First off, you can get free bids for posting photos of your winnings. No matter what the value of the item is, you will get free bids as long as you follow the proper guidelines.

DealDash provides the free bid opportunities to their customers so you’ll need to first purchase bids yourself and start playing the shopping game. When learning how to win on DealDash I recommend reading articles other people have written because they will help you learn how to win on DealDash.

Knowing how to win on DealDash can be tricky and take some time so you’ll need listen to others with experience. I find that starting off with the small stuff helps you get your foot in the door. There are beginner auctions like the Official Major League Baseball with Cube Display Box.

How to win on DealDash

This is makes a really nice gift and I won one for just a penny! I took a picture with this baseball and posted to Facebook with a short description: I won this Official Major League Baseball w/ Cube Display Box Valued on Dealdash.com for 1 penny!!”. Then with a standard caption: “See how much you can save at www.dealdash.com/join.php?utm_source=customer%20testimonials&utm_medium=pictures&utm_campaign=facebook!” Within a day or so you will have FREE bids in your account!!! Its really that easy. Here I am with my baseball cube.

How to win on DealDash 

We all want to know how to win on DealDash and the free bids are a major step to help therefore, you should do the same with their other social sites like Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus! With Twitter you have to make it short because they only allow so many letters. I would wright something like “I won this Major League Baseball w/ Cube Display Box @DealDash for 1 penny”. You have to make sure you tag DealDash using the @ symbol or # symbol otherwise they won’t get the notification.

You can also PIN IT too. Post your photo on pinterest.com with another short saying similar to the others. Because you’re collecting so many free bids you will begin to see how to win on DealDash. Check out the details on how you can collect up to 50 free bids on Pinterest. I use the same picture on all social sites every week.

Now lets talk about how to win on DealDash with the bids you just received. They are FREE right? They did not cost you anything, except a little bit of time. I take my 110 to 300 free bids and pick one auction and go for it!! Win or not I’m not out anything. The more times you can bid on something, the better chance you have to win. You must use the BidBuddy as this will help conserve your bids! I think this is the only chance you have to win an auction without spending all of your bids.

When I get my free bids I go for something like a gift card. This way I get something tangible for my time. Then I take what is left and go for the gold and bid on something I may not normally bid on like a TV or computer. At this point I say just go for it! These are FREE Bids you’re playing with so why not?

Good Luck with all your bidding and please comment if you have other tips and suggestions about how to win on DealDash please share!

By Nicole Kososki

Christmas Countdown Has Begun!

I have to admit that I have bought a few things on DealDash that I would never use myself but could actually make cute Christmas gifts or stocking suffers now that the Christmas countdown has begun.

I’ve won off-the-wall items just to get that winning bid like a Retro Style Handset for your Android or iPhone and a “CashStash” capsule for your keychain.

retro handset for iPhone

One of the perks about shopping on DealDash is that you can get some really good deals and once you get your item, you can do what you please with it. I like to donate and give things away for events or parties I’m attending throughout the year.

For instance, I won big stuffed dog bed that I donated to my local humane society. When I feel like there isn’t anything I would want on DealDash, I will look for things that I could win that would be a perfect donation gift. I have won several items that my local shelter has been the gracious recipients of.

I also like to search the auctions for birthday and Christmas presents. Sure I’m looking for Christmas presents practically all year-long but I can keep those gifts in my closet until December when I decide to wrap it. Now is a good time to start shopping for your holiday gifts because the Christmas countdown has officially started with the autumn season now upon us and as of today (September 23rd) we’re only 92 days away! Here’s a cute Christmas countdown timer you and you kids can follow!

Buy a bid pack once a week and before you know it, you have a closet full of items that are perfect gifts for family and friends throughout the year. DealDash is not only fun but productive when you’re having a great family get-together!

By Gigi Pence

A little about myself: I’ve been bidding on DealDash for about two years and really like it. I like to frequent DealDash because it is fun and entertaining. I’ve gone to other sites but find myself coming back to DealDash because of the ability to get your bids back when you buy it now after losing an auction.

Bidding Tip: Know Who Is Online When Bidding

I have talked in the past about knowing certain bidders in the DealDash world. You know when you see them, and it’s likely you do not stand a chance when they are bidding because they will not give up, and may actually end up winning for more than the item is worth – just to get the win.

However, it is also important to be aware of who is online when you are actually bidding. One of the strategies I use is to scroll through a few auctions, and see who is online and bidding. I also scroll through the winner’s page and see if any big bidders have won anything recently. This lets me know who I have to contend with.

One can also go to their dashboard and view the “Who’s on their limit” section. Although it will cost you 1 Bid to show the list, this let’s you know who has reached their winning limit for the week and if they have reached their limit of items valued above or below $200.00. This can sometimes be useful when you’re watching for people you don’t want to bid against.

Here’s a partial list of who has reached their winning limit. This was activated today, September 19th. 

DealDash Winning Limit

Knowing how is online when bidding is also a factor in the big auctions that I enter. Normally I try to go into them when the big winners have already won them, however if I do not see the big winners active on the site I will go into something that they have not won. This doesn’t guarantee a win, however it does make me feel like I have a chance to win. When I see some of the big winners in the auctions I know that I do not stand a chance. So this was just a quick bidding tip to help you with your bidding strategies, and hopefully your winning. Hope you liked it!

What bidding tips do you use to help you win auctions on DealDash?

Guest blog post by Erica B.