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DealDash Customer Service is the Best

DealDash customer service

Normally everything on DealDash goes smoothly, but occasionally you might have a question or need some help. DealDash customer service is here to help!

DealDash is known for their excellent customer service, and they always do everything within their power to help anyone who needs them. What might you need DealDash customer service to help you with? Here are some situations and scenarios when DealDash can come to the rescue.

You’re New and Confused

DealDash can be a little confusing if you have never used it before. If you have read the rules and the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and still have unanswered questions, feel free to reach out to DealDash customer service and they will be happy to help you.

There’s a Problem with Your Order

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally there might be a problem with your order. Perhaps your order is late, it was delivered to the wrong address, or perhaps your item arrived with damages from shipping. No problem! Simply give DealDash customer service a quick email and they will take care of your problem for you.

I’ve only ever had one shipping issue with DealDash, during the Christmas rush two years ago I was due to receive a package of DVDs. When I checked the tracking it said that my package had already been delivered to an address in a different state! UPS really messed up on that one! So I contacted DealDash customer service and they shipped out another package to me that day, and I had it in my hand two days later. Easy!

You Need a Refund

If you’ve given DealDash a try and decided that it’s not for you, that’s okay! DealDash wants you to be happy with your experience even if you don’t want to participate anymore and will refund you for your first purchase of a bid pack. Just contact a friendly DealDash customer service representative and let them take care of that for you.

Speaking of customer service and learning about DealDash, reading the DealDash Tips Blog and our sister blog DealDash Reviews daily is one way to stay “in the loop” when it comes to DealDash news.

I hope that you found this new DealDash Blog article on our excellent customer service helpful. No matter what you need, DealDash has it all! Visit DealDash now. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!


This blog was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Read even more at DealDashReviewed.comDealDashTips.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

Why This #1 Rule of DealDash is the Most Important

I’ve been actively bidding on DealDash for more than a year now and I have to say, it is a whole LOT of fun. I also have to say that it did take some time for me to truly understand the ins and outs of bidding smartly and strategically and in doing so I have happily increased the number of my wins dramatically over time.

Written or not, the No. 1 rule of DealDash is to bid only on the items you really want.

This is a very difficult concept for a few reasons. First, I have so many items I would love to win. Don’t we all? From items you would never find anywhere else to special finds you would love to win and treat yourself to, DealDash has a plethora of items to bid on. So in that sense, it’s difficult to pin down this important rule.

Another reason the bid only on the items you really want is difficult is because of the “exchange to bids option.” If you take a chance on something you want and win, you are then forced with the very important decision of whether to go ahead and pay for the item and have it shipped to you, or exchange it for bids. The first time I won something and was faced with this option (I didn’t know it existed), I was really torn. Do I really need this item, or should I add bids to my bank and try for an item I want more?


I must admit, I probably win and exchange to bids more often than I’d care to admit, but in some cases it has allowed me the additional bids to win that elusive item I’ve had my eye on. By the same token, I am also getting much better at winning, paying for and ultimately receiving the items I win. There is nothing better than getting that great DealDash find delivered. I have never been disappointed with the quality of any DealDash item.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons the bid only on the items you want idea is so important is because when you spend your hard-earned money on bids, you roll the dice, so to speak, on actually winning. We work hard for our money, and I don’t know about you, but I feel far better bidding on an item I want and losing than when I bid on something I don’t really want and lose.

While all of the bidding strategies, tips and tricks are important, this one DealDash philosophy feels especially apt. When you bid only on the items you really want, you feel a greater success when you do win that item.

Good luck and happy bidding!

Small Wins on DealDash

DealDash small wins

There are hundreds of winners on DealDash every day, and many of those wins are under $200. Here’s why small wins are good.

Smaller wins on DealDash are a great thing. They can be easy to achieve, and no less exciting when they happen. The fireworks are just as bright, sparkly, and exciting to see for a $20 win as for a $200 win, in my opinion. The simple act of winning is enough to put a smile on my face.

Small Wins Are Easier

Are small wins are easier? You bet they are! There could be 50 bidders in the running for a high-value item such as a computer, but usually fewer bidders in the running for the smaller auctions, sometimes you might only be bidding against a few other people. As we all know, the fewer bidders there are in a DealDash auction the higher chance you have at success.

Small Wins are Better BINs

As you probably know, DealDash offers the BIN “Buy It Now” option on all auctions. If you participate in an auction and don’t win, then you can always BIN (Buy It Now) and get the item, free shipping, and all of their bids back to use on another auction. It’s much easier on your budget to BIN a lower valued item than a higher valued item. DealDash realizes that not everyone has the extra cash available to BIN an item that costs $1,000 but most people can BIN an item that is under $100, so they frequently offer items that have a lower value, which equals many more opportunities for a small win.

Small Wins Make Nice Gifts

DealDash is the perfect place to pick up small wins throughout the year and use them as gifts for birthdays and holidays. Sometimes it’s difficult to think of a present to give someone, so why not build up a collection of small wins from DealDash and keep them for the next occasion? There are so many smaller items available on DealDash that it would be very easy to get a few small wins per week and have gifts for your whole family whenever you need them.

I hope this article has you thinking about striving for some small (but awesome) wins on DealDash. I want you to get the most out of your DealDash experience. If you’re interested in reading more tips and tricks check out the “Tactics & Tips” section on DealDash. Also be sure to visit DealDashTips.com and DealDashReviewed.com every day for fresh new blogs. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

DealDash small wins

Shopping on DealDash is Spelled F-U-N!

Do you know what they call online auctions such as our favorite website, DealDash? They call it “Entertainment Shopping”!! Do you know why?

They call it entertainment shopping because it’s fun and entertaining, of course! Would you rather get dressed in your warmest clothing, drive through the snow, clomp around a huge store, then struggle your way home again…Or would you rather shop on DealDash, in your PJs, sitting in your favorite chair in front of the fireplace?! I don’t know about you, but I’ll take the second option, please.

DealDash is a Fun Pastime

I can spend hours at a time on DealDash without even bidding, it’s a hobby of mine to just “window shop” on DealDash, there are so many things to look at and watch on DealDash without even spending a single bid. I love to look at the upcoming auctions, read the descriptions, read the newly implemented product reviews, and see what amounts of money that the item has won for in the past.

Look at the Winners, Spot the Trends

Looking at the Winner’s tab can be an excellent learning tool to further your “DealDash Education.” You can see the exact deals that people have been getting that day, try to spot the trends, and bid accordingly. For example, if you look at the Winner’s tab and you see that jewelry is selling for less than a dollar then you will know that it’s a good day to bid on jewelry.

Alternately, if you see items that normally sell for less than $5 selling for $10+ then you know to stay away from those types of auctions that day. It’s not an exact science, but you will have a pretty good idea of how the auctions are going and you can bid accordingly.

Bidding Without Monetary Risk is Fun

How is there no monetary risk? Luckily, DealDash is a new breed of auction site and has come up with the amazing solution of Buy It Now. Buy It Now is referred to as “BIN” by DealDash, and is really a lifesaver if you feel that you’ve bid over your budget. When you’re in the midst of an auction, and see that you have put too many bids in to make good financial sense then just BIN it!

BINning an auction is easy and only takes a moment on DealDash. In the bidding box there will be a button that says “Buy It Now for …. and get …. bids back”. When you are ready to stop bidding, hit that BIN button and you will be able to buy the item that you were bidding on for its retail value, and you will get every single bid back that you placed, to use on another auction. You get the bids back immediately after you pay for your BIN auction, you can use them right away if you’d like. In addition to getting all of your bids back, you will also get free shipping! Free shipping is available on everything!

I hope that this DealDash Blog article has been helpful in showing you how fun entertainment shopping can be when you know how to use the BIN safety net. Be sure to visit our other blogs, DealDashTips.com and DealDashReviewed.com for more useful DealDash information. Now go bid on DealDash! Good luck and happy bidding everyone!