Shopping on DealDash is Spelled F-U-N!

Do you know what they call online auctions such as our favorite website, DealDash? They call it “Entertainment Shopping”!! Do you know why?

They call it entertainment shopping because it’s fun and entertaining, of course! Would you rather get dressed in your warmest clothing, drive through the snow, clomp around a huge store, then struggle your way home again…Or would you rather shop on DealDash, in your PJs, sitting in your favorite chair in front of the fireplace?! I don’t know about you, but I’ll take the second option, please.

DealDash is a Fun Pastime

I can spend hours at a time on DealDash without even bidding, it’s a hobby of mine to just “window shop” on DealDash, there are so many things to look at and watch on DealDash without even spending a single bid. I love to look at the upcoming auctions, read the descriptions, read the newly implemented product reviews, and see what amounts of money that the item has won for in the past.

Look at the Winners, Spot the Trends

Looking at the Winner’s tab can be an excellent learning tool to further your “DealDash Education.” You can see the exact deals that people have been getting that day, try to spot the trends, and bid accordingly. For example, if you look at the Winner’s tab and you see that jewelry is selling for less than a dollar then you will know that it’s a good day to bid on jewelry.

Alternately, if you see items that normally sell for less than $5 selling for $10+ then you know to stay away from those types of auctions that day. It’s not an exact science, but you will have a pretty good idea of how the auctions are going and you can bid accordingly.

Bidding Without Monetary Risk is Fun

How is there no monetary risk? Luckily, DealDash is a new breed of auction site and has come up with the amazing solution of Buy It Now. Buy It Now is referred to as “BIN” by DealDash, and is really a lifesaver if you feel that you’ve bid over your budget. When you’re in the midst of an auction, and see that you have put too many bids in to make good financial sense then just BIN it!

BINning an auction is easy and only takes a moment on DealDash. In the bidding box there will be a button that says “Buy It Now for …. and get …. bids back”. When you are ready to stop bidding, hit that BIN button and you will be able to buy the item that you were bidding on for its retail value, and you will get every single bid back that you placed, to use on another auction. You get the bids back immediately after you pay for your BIN auction, you can use them right away if you’d like. In addition to getting all of your bids back, you will also get free shipping! Free shipping is available on everything!

I hope that this DealDash Blog article has been helpful in showing you how fun entertainment shopping can be when you know how to use the BIN safety net. Be sure to visit our other blogs, and for more useful DealDash information. Now go bid on DealDash! Good luck and happy bidding everyone!