How DealDash Customer Service is the Key to Happy Bidders

There are those times when you simply have to reach out to Customer Service for something. Whether it’s a question about delivery of an auction you won or to voice a concern that has you about ready to tear your hair out and you want to be heard, DealDash customer service is there for you.

In review after review, you will find the customer service at DealDash to be one of its finest assets. In today’s automated-driven and overseas operator era, it’s a refreshing truth that DD Customer Services gives customers what they really want. In my opinion, the Customer Service Department at DealDash is among the very best, if not THE best I have ever encountered as a customer. So what makes it so great? For me it comes down to three key components:  accessibility, the ability to listen, and a desire to have the most satisfied customers anywhere.


You can reach DealDash customer service through their “submit a request for assistance form” or by clicking the “Live Support Online” button.  I find the chat feature not only very convenient, but extraordinarily speedy, which is always a plus.

The completed form will be answered via email and the live support connects its customers to a chat feature almost immediately. When using the live support chat feature, you will see your rep’s name and phot and feel like you’re truly connected to real person—and you are! This allows for a more personalized and interactive experience with a quick resolve to almost any issue.

With DealDash customer support, I have always been listened to with respect, allowed to state my concern (sometimes at great length I must admit) and ultimately been provided constructive ideas or a satisfactory resolution.

With a philosophy of looking to its customers to weigh in on what they feel is good and what’s not-so-good about the site, Deal Dash takes its customer feedback to development meetings to improve the site. What other company can honestly say they include their customers on the decision-driving process?

I would encourage anyone to reach out to DealDash customer service to be heard with concerns, ideas and suggestions to further develop their site. They will listen and always take your feedback into consideration.

Happy bidding!