This Year’s 10 Unique Deals for 10 Cents or Less

We hope 2014 has been a wonderful year for you and that you continue to enjoy your shopping experience on DealDash.

Here are 10 unique deals, valued over $100, which all sold for 10 cents or less in 2014.


14k White Gold Diamond Pearl Pendant9.

Schwinn Bike


Singer Form


Patio Chaise Chair 6.

KitchenAid Food Processor


Nintendo Wii with Mario Kart


Old Fashioned Ice Cream Maker


Manual Reel Mower with Catcher


Sunbeam Stand Mixer


Airhead Wakeboard

We look forward to next year and making DealDash the most fun way for you to get a deal and discover new and unique brands like Beddit!

Beddit Sleep Monitor

beddit sleep

Happy New Year from the entire DealDash team!

Happy New Year

Guest Post by RickP

DealDash is an amazing site. Shopping here is very fun and winning is exhilarating!!

I have one several items on DealDash like video games, a telescope, an electric beard trimmer and many more. Personally I have had a lot of luck on DealDash and strongly recommend trying this site. They have thousands of different items to bid on so there’s always something for everyone.  They also give you free bid rewards for the time you are the highest bidder.

Some tricks that I have learned along the way is when bidding later at night there are usually not as many bidders and therefore less competition, making winning a bit easier.  Also, I recommend to always use the bid buddy. This has saved me a few times and cost me dearly for not using it several times. I can not stress this enough. When going for a walk, to the restroom or just tending to the kids; bid buddy has you covered.  It is an automatic bidding system that bids for you and as long as you have bids booked in it, it will bid for you during the last second and keep you in the game.

Some of my unbelievable wins include an electric cookie press for a couple dollars and a Xbox 360 video game for $0.11 – yes that’s 11 cents! I know this may sound too good to be true but its not. Try it out you will not be disappointed, and if you are you’ll be happy to know you can get your money back because DealDash has a 100% money back guarantee on your first purchase – no questions asked.

The best part is if you don’t win the item that you are bidding on, DealDash gives you the opportunity to buy it at retail value and you get all your bids back, yes ALL of your bids back from bidding on that item. Give it a try, it makes for great gift buying and also great entertainment!

Good luck and happy bidding.

– Rick

A Few Bidding Tips After Playing 1 Year

After being a participant on DealDash for over a year,  l have learned a few things.  I have won several items on Deal Dash but my favorite stories are the lucky ones.

By sheer chance and the right time I won an item for one bid!  I booked the bid buddy with one bid to get me into the auction and in the morning discovered I won the auction!  So the transaction total was .16 cents, however it was a “free auction”. That means at the end of the auction, you just pay the price of the bids used and 1¢ to process the transaction.

Here are a few bidding tips to keep in mind when playing on DealDash.

Free Auction Promotions

One thing to keep in mind when bidding in a free auction, is that due to it costing only a penny, people are free to bid more since the price does not climb. So you need to be patient because sometimes the value exceeds retail in the bidding wars, with so many bidders, and how committed they are.

A few words about bid jumpers

These are the people who bid immediately after your bid is placed and don’t let the clock count down. This kills the clock time which gives us free bids from DealDash.  Don’t let the bid jumpers dissuade you from bidding because they will eventually stop when they realize bidders are not giving in.  It is a tactic.  Most let the clock run down.  It takes patience and you need to watch the auction.

Use the Bid Buddy tool

It is advantageous because in the end, it bids at the last seconds on the clock, and you can’t beat the clock!

Overbidding does not make sense

Calculate the cost of bids plus the cost of the auctioned item and that is the price you should not exceed.  If you lose the auction use the buy it now feature and get your bids back.  Some people bid heavily, some bid light.  As you watch, you will learn bidding styles of other bidders.  It is a learning game.  What to do and what not to do.  Some will give tips in there personal bio which I have found useful before.

In short, DealDash is fun and takes patience.  Some auctions end after a short while, while others may take a long time – it really just depends on the item, how many bidders are in the auction, bidding styles, etc.

Give Deal Dash a try.  You can’t lose bidding on the gift cards, if you were planning on purchasing them anyway, so give it a try and save some money!

Good Luck!

– fiveandten

Christmas Greetings and Guest Post by JANETMORRIS

Dear DealDash,

I must write you to thank you for making my daughter and grandbabies Christmas possible this year. I will not go into all that has happened this past year, but I will tell you that she has divorced in the past year, has 3 children, and no financial help from her ex.

She is an English teacher for 10,11, and 12 grades as well as a mentor to many of the students. I am retired on a very limited income so I am not much financial help…but… always there physically when they need me…. LOVE THEM SO.

I have been able to buy their Christmas on your wonderful website for pennies of what I would have spent retail and neither of us have the money for that. For that I can never express enough how much my family truly thanks you.  We will have a very Merry Christmas this year thanks to you DealDash. I have told so many people about your website that I have lost count. I would like to tell some of the items that I was so fortunate to have won.

My daughter’s home was foreclosed on so she and the children had to find a new home. Here are just a few items I was able to save on by shopping on your site:

  • $159.00 garage door opener for $1.09
  • $306.00 trampoline (which has always been a dream) for my granddaughter for $77.00
  • $71.00 dvd player for my grandson for $1.51
  • $100 J C Penny gift card for $6.32
  • $50.00 AMC gift card and 40 free bids for $4.57

…and oh I could go on and on!!

Two other points that I found marvellous were:

1. After a certain amount of time the deals are ‘locked” to enable one of those people to win (so another person just coming onto the site can not join that deal).

2. I also found so many deals on the site I was unable to participate, due to win limits, in order to give other/new bidders a chance…. how wonderful is that!!!

I told my family at a birthday party last weekend who were sceptical at first and know they are bidding on items or having me watch and bid on things for them. I am still watching for K-cups and the Infinity game for Christmas.

OH YES……AND FREE SHIPPING…..THE 200 POUND TRAMPOLINE WAS EVEN SHIPPED FREE TO ME….OH MY GOODNESS . If anyone does not try this website they are so missing out!!!!!!

DEALDASH, THANK-YOU SO MUCH AND HAVE A BLESSED CHRISTMAS  SEASON….You have made this Grandma be santa and grandma this year!!!!

DealDash user: JANETMORRIS

Simply Advice from an Experienced DealDash’er

Having been a DealDash user since 10/31/2012 I have had the pleasure of having a lot of fun bidding on and winning a lot of really nice items.

One recent win was a Vizio 60-inch Smart TV that I got for $179.00 using just 615 bids. DealDash has regular sales on bid credits for 15¢ and 14¢.

I have a way of bidding that I am sure is a good way as I have won several items.

When you start a bid on something it must be done before the price reaches $5.00 as no other bidders are allowed after the item reaches $5.00 – this helps keep the auctions limited to just the people who were involved from the beginning. Once you have bid on something you then have two options. Click the bid now button and one bid is added to the price. Or you can book a bid buddy which is an automatic bid tool. When you use bid buddy, as the clock gets close to running out, a bid will be added automatically for you.

VIZIO 60-Inch Smart TV
VIZIO 60-Inch Smart TV I won on DealDash

Bid buddy is super helpful in allowing you to do other things throughout the day, or go to work where you may not be able to use a computer for bidding. Bid buddy will bid for you until you either run out of bids or win the item.

There are no worries about losing an item if you win and are not home or near a computer because you have 14 days to pay for any deals you win.

Another helpful aspect of the site is its mobile feature. If you have a smartphone you can check the progress of the auction and add bids and even pay for your item. Shipping is also fast and free which is very nice.

When shopping on DealDash you’ll find several items for sale that suite all aspects of life, and bid packs so you can win more bids. I have had several hours of fun playing on DealDash while out and about through the use of the mobile site. (Look it up on google play store).

I hope some of this advice will help someone win an item or two and that you bid fairly and have fun!

DealDash player 2eagles