Simply Advice from an Experienced DealDash’er

Having been a DealDash user since 10/31/2012 I have had the pleasure of having a lot of fun bidding on and winning a lot of really nice items.

One recent win was a Vizio 60-inch Smart TV that I got for $179.00 using just 615 bids. DealDash has regular sales on bid credits for 15¢ and 14¢.

I have a way of bidding that I am sure is a good way as I have won several items.

When you start a bid on something it must be done before the price reaches $5.00 as no other bidders are allowed after the item reaches $5.00 – this helps keep the auctions limited to just the people who were involved from the beginning. Once you have bid on something you then have two options. Click the bid now button and one bid is added to the price. Or you can book a bid buddy which is an automatic bid tool. When you use bid buddy, as the clock gets close to running out, a bid will be added automatically for you.

VIZIO 60-Inch Smart TV
VIZIO 60-Inch Smart TV I won on DealDash

Bid buddy is super helpful in allowing you to do other things throughout the day, or go to work where you may not be able to use a computer for bidding. Bid buddy will bid for you until you either run out of bids or win the item.

There are no worries about losing an item if you win and are not home or near a computer because you have 14 days to pay for any deals you win.

Another helpful aspect of the site is its mobile feature. If you have a smartphone you can check the progress of the auction and add bids and even pay for your item. Shipping is also fast and free which is very nice.

When shopping on DealDash you’ll find several items for sale that suite all aspects of life, and bid packs so you can win more bids. I have had several hours of fun playing on DealDash while out and about through the use of the mobile site. (Look it up on google play store).

I hope some of this advice will help someone win an item or two and that you bid fairly and have fun!

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