Guest Post by Hunnybee3983

I started DealDash back in 2012 and have had so much fun bidding on different items! I got really lucky, especially that year, and was able to complete almost all of my Christmas shopping for both of my kids.

The best win I have ever had was a desktop computer that my son wanted for Christmas. It was a Dell All-In-One Desktop computer and I won it for $7.65 using only 113 bids. I just couldn’t believe I had won!!!

Over the course of two years and after 319 wins, I have found that you can conserve your bids best when really watching the auctions – this will help you from using all of your bids too quickly. Also, do a bit of research on the other players. If I see someone who recently won a great deal on a large credit pack or have noticed a certain player is consistently persistent, I will not play on that item against them and will rather wait until another similar item comes up again at a later time.

DealDash Guest Blogger Hunnybee3983

You can really win some great items on DealDash! From outdoor furniture to electronics, like the Dell computer, and Dr. Dre Beats headphones which I’ve won for both my husband and my kids. Lots of kitchen items including a Keurig coffee makers, tablets, surround sound systems for both of my living rooms, items for my travel trailer and so many more! I have also won some great gift items to give to other family members and friends.

When play on DealDash I usually use my mobile phone and find it very easy to use.

If you have not tried DealDash, I would definitely recommend trying it! I have tried other similar websites and I would have to say that DealDash is by far the best! Bid credits are a lot cheaper and their website is very user friendly. There are so many items to choose from and they seem to introduce new and unique items quite frequently. I have had a really great experience with this company and I am very thankful for all of the items I have been able to win! So if your looking for an exciting way to get a deal, definitely give DealDash a try!!!

By DealDasher Hunnybee3983

P.S. The customer service is awesome too! Thank you!

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