Season Greetings and Merry Christmas

As I am preparing for the upcoming holidays with my family and friends this year, I cannot help but thank DealDash for the many opportunities I have had the past few years to not only win some very nice items, but to also use the buy it now feature which allows you to buy the item you bid on and get your bids back.

Combined with my winnings and buy it now orders, I have been able to purchase some incredible gifts for my family and friends. With your gift cards and new, in-demand items, I have scooped up some great savings and accumulated gift cards for large purchases. I am happiest when I can share and give to others, and this year I am very happy!

While some may argue that the Buy-it-Now feature is not worth it, I have to say every item I have purchased is exactly as I ordered. I have had no issues with delivery or customer service. Again, I offer the DealDash customer service department kudos for putting up with all of us all year-long and still having the best humor and customer service mind-set there is! You do a great job!

I celebrate Christmas in the true sense honoring the birth of Jesus. I feel great pleasure in offering sincere Merry Christmas wishes to everyone at I hope no one is offended by my gesture, it is who I am. Whatever your religion, beliefs, and views are; I wish peace and good will to you this season!

Thanks DealDash, you have a wonderful site and I hope you are having a very prosperous season too!

By Joan Vith