Happy New Years ~ Resolve to Sleep

 Image result for new yearsHappy New Year!! Let’s make a resolution to sleep more! That’s one that everyone will find beneficial. Let’s talk about how to get a better night’s sleep.

Do you know the correct number of hours of sleep that you should be getting every night? The correct answer is between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night, but do you know anyone who actually gets the proper amount? Now that it’s New Year’s Eve, and people are making resolutions for the new year, why not do something great for your health that feels nice, too? Resolve to get more sleep in 2017!

Getting enough sleep makes you feel better and have a better mood throughout the day, and your health can really suffer if you frequently don’t get enough sleep. Did you know that not getting enough sleep has worse consequences than just being grumpy –  poor sleep leads to cardiovascular dysfunction, a poor immune system, glucose and insulin abnormalities, weight gain due to fluctuating hormones that control appetite, and impaired cognitive function. Those are some serious health risks that can be easily avoided by turning off the computer a little earlier in the evening, not watching that extra episode of your show on TV, and not lying in bed for an extra hour looking at your smartphone.

It’s not just your physical body that can suffer when you don’t get enough sleep, your mind can suffer as well. Frequently getting less than 7 hours of sleep per night can lead to anxiety, depression, impaired reasoning skills, and mental sluggishness. If you already suffer from any of these problems, lack of sleep can make it worse. Don’t do that to yourself, go to bed a bit earlier every night!

If you are having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep at night you might want to look into getting a different pillow, bedding, or even a new mattress. You can also try keeping a fan going in your bedroom all night. The fan serves two purposes – It’s easier to fall asleep when your room is a bit on the cooler side, and the fan also provides just the right amount of “white noise” to help you block out the noises outside of your bedroom.

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I hope this article helps you on a journey to better sleeping habits. If you’re interested in getting some new soothing items for your bedroom, including the fan that I recommended head on over to DealDash. DealDash has everything you need to improve your life and help you in your resolution to get more sleep at night. Visit DealDash now. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!


Big Wins on DealDash

Image result for big winHave you ever had a big win on DealDash? There are hundreds of winners every day, some big and some small.

Most of you reading this DealDash article have probably had at least a few wins on DealDash, but unless you had some really great beginner’s luck they were probably smaller wins. Smaller wins on DealDash are fairly easy, but big wins can be downright difficult.

Why do you think that the smaller wins are easier? Well, there are a few reasons why this could be – starting with the fact that there are usually fewer bidders in the running for the smaller auctions. It could also have something to do with the fact that DealDash offers the BIN “Buy It Now” protection on all auctions. People know if they don’t win the auction outright, then they can always BIN (Buy It Now) and get the item, free shipping, and all of their bids back to use on another auction. Not only that, but they get to keep the “clock time” that they gained by bidding on the item.

People are usually more willing to BIN the item if it has a lower value. You are far more likely to find someone willing to pay $20 for an item than to pay $200 – Even if the $200 item is appealing, not everyone has a spare $200 in their budget to use to BIN the item. Either way, we are all lucky that DealDash offers BIN protection on all auctions, big or small.

What is the biggest item that you have ever won on DealDash? My biggest item was a Neato robotic vacuum. It was an awesome win, and it’s something that I use every day. Do you know how I won? I was willing to BIN this item. It was a little on the expensive side, but since I knew that I was willing to buy it anyway I put enough bids in to get to the BIN price – and I won anyway! With all of the bids plus the final cost of the auction I ended up saving myself over $100 than if I had just ordered it. So there’s the DealDash lesson – bid to BIN, and you might just WIN!

I hope this article has you thinking about your next big win. I want you to  get the most out of your DealDash experience. If you’re interested in reading more tips and tricks check out the “Tactics & Tips” section on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!


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