Christmas Greetings and Guest Post by JANETMORRIS

Dear DealDash,

I must write you to thank you for making my daughter and grandbabies Christmas possible this year. I will not go into all that has happened this past year, but I will tell you that she has divorced in the past year, has 3 children, and no financial help from her ex.

She is an English teacher for 10,11, and 12 grades as well as a mentor to many of the students. I am retired on a very limited income so I am not much financial help…but… always there physically when they need me…. LOVE THEM SO.

I have been able to buy their Christmas on your wonderful website for pennies of what I would have spent retail and neither of us have the money for that. For that I can never express enough how much my family truly thanks you.  We will have a very Merry Christmas this year thanks to you DealDash. I have told so many people about your website that I have lost count. I would like to tell some of the items that I was so fortunate to have won.

My daughter’s home was foreclosed on so she and the children had to find a new home. Here are just a few items I was able to save on by shopping on your site:

  • $159.00 garage door opener for $1.09
  • $306.00 trampoline (which has always been a dream) for my granddaughter for $77.00
  • $71.00 dvd player for my grandson for $1.51
  • $100 J C Penny gift card for $6.32
  • $50.00 AMC gift card and 40 free bids for $4.57

…and oh I could go on and on!!

Two other points that I found marvellous were:

1. After a certain amount of time the deals are ‘locked” to enable one of those people to win (so another person just coming onto the site can not join that deal).

2. I also found so many deals on the site I was unable to participate, due to win limits, in order to give other/new bidders a chance…. how wonderful is that!!!

I told my family at a birthday party last weekend who were sceptical at first and know they are bidding on items or having me watch and bid on things for them. I am still watching for K-cups and the Infinity game for Christmas.

OH YES……AND FREE SHIPPING…..THE 200 POUND TRAMPOLINE WAS EVEN SHIPPED FREE TO ME….OH MY GOODNESS . If anyone does not try this website they are so missing out!!!!!!

DEALDASH, THANK-YOU SO MUCH AND HAVE A BLESSED CHRISTMAS  SEASON….You have made this Grandma be santa and grandma this year!!!!

DealDash user: JANETMORRIS