End of Summer Welcomes Winter Holiday Shopping

I guess we all pretty much have seen the end of summer. The last picnic, the last trip to the beach, the last short and t-shirt day.

A lot of lasts as summer ends, but just think of all the enjoyment we deal dashers got from our restaurant gift cards, gasoline gift cards, and retail store gift cards we won on DealDash.com! At least for me. my long summer weekend journeys included trips to southern Illinois, southern Ohio and the Wisconsin Dells. These trips were for travelling baseball team tournaments.

I was able to use gasoline gift cards I won on DealDash in all three states. I used Subway cards at various locations and even bought the baseball team doughnuts at Dunkin’!  I was honored with the title “Team Grandma”. I could not have been so generous if I had not saved these cards for the past few months. I either win or bin on DealDash for the cards I know I am going to be able to use on the road. Being fortunate winning some really good auctions on DealDash, I save money and am able to help my “team” if need be.

DealDash.com allows you to buy it now and get your bids back too. If I am not successful on an auction, buying it now makes perfect sense. I get all of my bids back for free, (no other site does that) and then I get to try again. My entire family loves DealDash.com and all the wonderful items and gift cards they have available.  So, while the end of summer is here, we can look ahead to the winter holidays which will mean a lot of bidding and winning, too!

By Joan Vith