DealDash Makes Great Memories

DealDash is more than great Deals, DealDash makes great Memories!!!

I have won some great items on Dealdash. My first memorable Big Win was this HP 17-inch touch screen computer during a “Free to the Winner” weekend. I really needed a new computer, but best of all is watching my granddaughter look up wild life information. Animal life and information is her passion so I’m so happy to have this for her to use. I used 1096 bids to win this. 1096 x .15 = $164.40.


Following this win, I also won a pair of matching bicycles for my granddaughter and I. One for $3.87 and the other for $8.34. I took this picture of the bicycles and posted it to the DealDash Facebook page where I was selected with the best photo of the week therefore was rewarded a free $500.00 gift card to my choice of Amazon or Walmart! How exciting!!

Then there are the numerous restaurant and store gift cards I’ve won which have allowed me to treat my family to evenings of not having to cook for their families. Best of all being able to spend special time with them. The movie gift cards especially made sleepovers at grandma’s extra special.

I was also lucky enough to win a 42-inch LED TV during a 50% off sale. By “lucky”, I am referring to the fact that while I was waiting for my new TV to be delivered, the TV in my bedroom blew the picture tube. My final cost on the TV was $22.41.

The buy it now (BIN) feature has been great for me. The BIN has allowed me to get some items I really wanted at a good price when I lost the final bid. Plus, when you use the buy it now, you get back all the used bids in that auction to try again. For those considering to give DealDash a try, I recommend using the Buy it Now in case you don’t win. Overall this will lead a a better experience and allow you to win more auctions.

Things NOT to do and things to do

I have learned a lot of things not to do while bidding. For example: Don’t let stubbornness get the best of you. I learned that lesson by bidding more than a 1,000 bids on an 800 bid pack. Also, be sure not to get up in the bidding and forget to set the bid buddy when you walk away from the computer.

When getting started it’s good to just watch at first. You can learn so much by watching auctions. Make your first few auctions small priced items, you won’t feel as bad if you lose. Don’t bid on an item just to bid. You’re just wasting bids and you get more upset with yourself. Let it be for an item you want for yourself or to give as a gift. Just take your time bidding learning and remember the bidding tips that work for you.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding