DealDash Review by REALBADOCD

I have been playing on DealDash since December 31, 2012 and I still love to bid!

The site and their small staff have put together what I feel is the most fun way to win products and get great deals. It offers the user a chance to win items that they need or use on a daily basis.
But winning is not  everything. Even if you do not win an auction you still have the option to Buy it Now at a great price, get your bids back, plus the item with FREE shipping. My advice to a New Bidder would be to watch for a while and MAKE SURE TO OPEN THE INDIVIDUAL AUCTION AND NOT BID FROM THE MAIN PAGE! This allows you to see all of the bidders involved along with the ability to read their bios. You will learn so much just by watching the auctions this way.
Once you find an item you like and wish to bid on, make sure to have enough bids in your account to go the distance. Also, be prepared to Buy it Now and get your bids back if you happen not to win.

A few rules of thumb and tips to follow.

  • I recommend using your BidBuddy and go for it! You can not win if you do not bid.
  • Don’t jump other bidders (outbid immediately), rather and let the clock run down, as you will also be rewarded with FREE BIDS for your time as “high bidder” with each level you advance.
Free DealDash Bids
Time As Highest Bidder
  • I would say to not just book 25 bids on an auction, but go all the way if you are bidding on an item. If you happen to win with 25 bids that’s awesome! But don’t waste 25 or 32 bids, for an example, on an item that you do not plan to buy anyway.
  • Every bidder has their own strategy and the bidding can get intense. Hang in there, you will be surprised how exciting it is with your first win! I still get chills when I see all those fireworks going off on my screen!
Fireworks on DealDash

I hope this helps and don’t forget to watch out for me as I may be bidding against you!

Take Care and Good Luck!

Guest blog post by REALBADOCD