How DealDash Helped Me Remodel

Hello to all DealDash players and those soon to be! No need to look further for the best and most exciting site to get a deal because you’ve found it here at

Up late one night back in Spring of 2011 I saw a commercial for DealDash, as you’ve probably seen as well, and my curiosity got the better of me.  I took a look at DealDash and started reading reviews and auction tips but after signing up but I have to admit I got a little bit nervous about playing and therefore did nothing.

My account was in limbo for quite a while because I wasn’t sure about all the deals I was seeing and felt a bit skeptical. My research finally convinced me and I took the plunge and bought my first bid package at 16¢ per bid. Why I didn’t plunge sooner was a mistake on my end, as I soon realized what I had been missing.

My first win was a $10.00 Burger King gift card that cost me .01 cents and 1 bid for a total investment of .17 cents. Let me tell you that Whopper never tasted so good! I loved the thrill, continued to play and the wins just started pouring in.

It’s hard to key in on just one great win as I’ve had so many. However, one of my wins started a chain reaction of redecorating our family room. I had bid on a 3-pc Fangio Metal and Ceramic Lamp set valued at $345.00 and won it for $13.75 plus 147 bids for a total spend of $26.84. Pretty good deal!

Fangio Lighting Metal & Ceramic Lamp 3 Pc Set
I received the lamps within the week with free shipping (all items no matter how big or small come with free shipping) and upon putting them in the family room they just didn’t match the decor. So, remodelling stepped in at a very low cost. My husband, who is quite handy, painted our old oak tables a nice modern black, pulled up our carpet to find nice flooring underneath, hung some new pictures, moved the furniture around and had painted the walls 6 months earlier, so an updated family room was now complete and I was happy! You never know what a new set of lamps will do for you.
Buy it Now on DealDash

Of course I’m not always winning auctions. I’ve lost them too, sometimes to ego by just wanting to win and other times by not following the recommended tactics and tips DealDash offers. One of the great things DealDash offers is the opportunity to get your bids back in case you lose with the Buy it Now.

Follow the tips given and stay within your budget and you too will be a winner along with all the other DealDash members.  There are plenty of auctions to go around with over 1,000 listed daily so have fun and enjoy!

Guest blog entry by meadowlark88