Beautiful Precision Yard Thanks to DealDash

Never in a million years did I think I would ever find such a wonderful deal on a product you wouldn’t expect to find on a deal site like DealDash, the 75lb Precision Broadcast Spreader.

DealDash helped my family obtain a brand new 75lb Precision Broadcast Spreader. This spreader not only helped us seed our entire pasture with grass seeds, it also held the fertilizer to make it beautiful. And the best part of all of it is I only used 346 bids and paid one penny. Needless to say I did a happy dance when I won this Precision Broadcast Spreader!

Precision Products 75 LB Broadcast Spreader
Won on with 346 bids!

DealDash is such a great place to get top brands for literally pennies on the dollar. Thanks to this particular win of a Precision brand product, we now have a beautiful yard year round. Anyone who has had the challenge of getting their yard just right, knows the struggles. You must plant your seeds just at the right time, water the ground, and fertilize properly. Our family lives in a very rural area where there isn’t much going on so there is time to focus on a project like this. The Precision Broadcast Spreader made it an easy task of making sure our yard had the balanced amount of seeds and fertilizer without a heavy strain on our backs. We filled it up and cranked out the seeds. Now we have a beautiful yard to prove it.


To think that there was nothing but dirt here just a short year ago. Thanks DealDash!!

I have been telling anyone and everyone that will listen to head over to and try it out. Deal Dash is AMAZING!! There are so many wonderful products to win. These are name brand items and it’s a lot of fun. DealDash makes it easy to bid and win. And to top it all off, they ship everything for FREE! I have never paid for shipping since being a member in 2012. The customer service is amazing if you need any questions answered.

Needless to say, my experience has been a positive one. Out of my wins, the most I have ever paid for a final selling price was $7.30 and that was for a $250 retail item. You just can’t beat that. I have won many items since 2012 and I will continue to play the game.

I have my eye on some great products right now. I am even currently in a bid room as I type this article. Go sign up and get ready to win. You won’t be sorry you made the move to DealDash. I am heading back over there now. Wish me luck and get to bidding if you haven’t started already!

By Dean Harris (jimmydean2010)

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As a leader in tow-behind equipment, Precision Products manufactures the Rugid ® brand to handle the tough jobs that professionals and everyday garden enthusiasts take on. In addition to our Rugid ® brand, we also manufacture and sell a number of lawn and garden equipment and accessories world-wide, including Precision Pro and Vigoro brand names.

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