Amazing Breville Espresso Machine Deal

The most exciting win that I have had with DealDash is my Breville Espresso Barista machine.

I was new to DealDash and just trying to figure out how to play the game. I played a few times with no avail and lost most of the bids I had bought. I had eight bids left and decided to put them all on this Breville espresso machine (which I have always wanted) and didn’t even look at the bidding game. I went to browse another website and when I came back to I could not believe my eyes! I had won the Breville Espresso Barista machine for only thirteen cents and used just three of my eight bids.

Well needless to say I was very impressed and have won several items since then, all less than fifty cents a piece. Do you know what is even more exciting than winning a six hundred dollar item for only thirteen cents? It’s the fact that it was shipped to my house for free!!! That was one of the most awesome things. This Breville espresso machine is a heavy item and would have cost me a bundle of money to ship. I really couldn’t believe it was free.

breville espresso barista machine deal
I won this Breville Barista Espresso Machine on DealDash for just 13 cents!!! DealDash is the most exciting way to get a deal and discover brands.

DealDash is a great site to get deals and I recommend it to everyone I talk to. My Breville espresso machine is beautiful and the most used item in the house. My two sons and I use it everyday. It makes espresso shots, has a frothier and will make lattes, mocha and all different kinds of coffee. This machine also has its own grinder and reservoir for the water so you don’t have keep adding water every time you want a cup. I must say fresh ground coffee is so much better than the ground coffee you buy at the store.

I love this machine and now all my friends come over to have a specialty coffee and also love my Breville espresso machine too. Breville is a real quality brand available on DealDash – the most exciting way to get a deal!

Guest blog post by DealDash user: mkirg3

Wikipedia: Breville is an Australian manufacturer and marketer of small kitchen appliances, founded inMelbourne, Australia, in 1932.[1] They created the original sandwich toaster.