DealDash Makes Life Better

DealDash has definitely improved my life. How can they improve yours?

To start off with, DealDash is a category of website known as “Shopping Entertainment.” So, I would say that the first way that DealDash has improved my life is that they entertain me! I personally love to bid and BIN (Buy It Now) products that I would normally buy anyway, such as baby products, kid’s toys, movies, and household things. By using DealDash and enjoying their shopping entertainment model I am having fun shopping – so much more fun than if I were to just make a list and go shopping.

Speaking of going shopping, DealDash saves me time and aggravation. They say that time is money, and I must be poor, because I have no time to spare. Just the thought of packing up snacks, bottles, diapers, and spare clothes for a simple trip to one of the “big box” stores makes me feel annoyed. Then to actually pack up the things for the journey, shove all of the kids in the car, drive to the store, and somehow wrangle all three of them while doing my shopping does not sound like a good time to me. However, sitting on the couch in my PJs, sipping a coffee while the kids play in the playroom and I play on DealDash – now that sounds like a fun morning in my opinion.

DealDash saves me money. Now, I know that some of the people that read this blog may not agree with me, but I have saved a TON of money by using DealDash. My secret is simple, I only bid on things that I am absolutely prepared to BIN. That way either I win and get a great deal, or if I don’t win I can always pay the retail price and get all of my bids back immediately to use again. I feel like the people who say they aren’t saving money with DealDash just aren’t using the tools that DealDash offers, such as the BIN program. Other auction sites only give you a fraction of credit if you want to buy their items, DealDash gives you every single bid back that you used.

I hope that this article gave you some inspiration of how to use DealDash more effectively. If you’d like to think about how much time DealDash can save you, how about checking out the clocks that they have up for auction? You can see them at this link right here. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!



Looking at the Fashion, Health, & Beauty DealDash Category



You might be surprised at what is in the Fashion, Health, and Beauty section. Let’s see what we can find.

   The Fashion, Health, and Beauty category has always been one of my favorites! Let’s break it down into each section. The items are each very different but all follow the common theme of either fashion, health, or beauty.
  Fashion – While it’s fairly rare that DealDash has a lot of clothing up for auction, there is occasionally a piece of clothing for your wardrobe. My theory of why DealDash rarely has clothing up for auction is because everyone is a different size, and there would be no way to select your size after winning. Also, a size medium in one brand can be a vastly different size of a medium in a different brand. When we are speaking of fashion on DealDash we are mostly talking about jewelry, watches, purses, hats, and backpacks.
  Health – Health items on DealDash tend to be of the pampering kind, such as foot massagers, Back massagers, and even extremely fancy “dream” massage chairs. As in, it’s only a dream for most people to own one. The health part of the Fashion, Health, and Beauty category includes some practical health items as well such as blood pressure monitors, electronic toothbrushes, digital thermometers, and even fitness trackers.
  Beauty – The beauty in the Fashion, Health, and Beauty category includes such things as perfume, hair dryers, flat iron hair straighteners, make up brushes, and more. These are my personal favorite items on the entire DealDash site, because I normally don’t treat myself to things just for me, but when I win one of these great beauty items I am very happy to receive it.
  So there it is, a quick overview of my favorite section, the Fashion, Health, and Beauty category. Judging from the competition in the the Fashion, Health, and Beauty category a lot of people enjoy this section on DealDash. If you would like to check out the the Fashion, Health, and Beauty category for yourself, just click this link right here.
  I hope that this article has peaked your interest in exploring the different categories at DealDash. Go check them out! Good luck and happy bidding everyone.
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How Can We Be Better Bidders?

Even if you’re great at something you can always be better. Let’s examine how we bid.

How we can improve bidding with the end result being that next big win at DealDash? Sometimes all you need to do to improve is to take a closer look at your habits.

If you’ve noticed your wins are becoming more few and far between, perhaps it’s time to tighten up your bidding game. Let’s get back to basics.

  • Pay close attention to your competitors. If you’re just throwing bids in any old auction without paying attention to who your competition is you might be throwing away your bids.
  • Speaking of throwing your bids in any old auction, don’t do that! Make sure that you are thinking about the auction before you put any bids in. Do a little research on the item to make sure that this is the item you truly want. In a lot of cases DealDash has similar items up for auction within days of each other.
  • Buy your bids at the best price. You can spend more bids on each auction without hitting the BIN (Buy It Now) price if you buy the bids cheaper to begin with. Try to wait for a great sale on bids and then buy as many as your budget allows.
  • Make sure that you’re using your BidBuddy so that you’re not spending more bids than you need to.
  • If you don’t WIN make sure you BIN!

If you still find yourself not getting many wins maybe it’s time to totally change up your game! If you normally bid at night, bid in the morning. If you normally bid on kitchen stuff bid on toys! Change things around and maybe your luck will change as well.


  It takes time and experience to develop bidding skills and strategies. If you take my advice to heart, chances are good that soon you’ll be winning the big prizes and wonder why you were ever having trouble with winning at all. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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Have You Told Your Friends About DealDash?

When you know about something really great, it’s only right to share with your friends. Have you told your friends about DealDash?

I don’t know about you, but whenever I find something that I really like such as a new shampoo, a new book, or even a website I always like to tell my friends about it so they can enjoy it as much as I do. So of course I have told my friends all about DealDash and how fun it is to play and how you can get some awesome deals on so many different items.

There are so many good things about DealDash, but here are a few things that you might want to share with your friends so they can join in on the fun.

The first thing that draws people in to explore DealDash is all of the awesome products! Have you told your friends about the name brand computers, cameras, fun outdoors items, high end decorative items, and small kitchen appliances? As a DealDasher you know that all of these things can be won for just a few bids if you’re lucky enough. Share the excitement with a friend!

The BidBuddy is one of those great things about DealDash that you aren’t going to be able to get anywhere else. As you probably already know, the BidBuddy is the best tool around to help you win auctions. Just load him up with as many bids as you are willing to spend on a certain item and let him bid on the auction for you, even when you aren’t logged in at your computer. It’s always such a fun surprise to come back to your computer later and get a big “CONGRATULATIONS!” that you won an auction.


Another great thing about DealDash you should let your friends know is about all of the different ways that there are to earn free bids. There are so many ways, from filling out your bidder profile, to posting pictures to different social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, and occasionally DealDash will contact you about taking a quick “user experience” phone survey and offer you bids to participate. Getting free bids in these easy ways are definitely something that you should mention to your friends.

Finally, you should also let your friends know about DealDash’s awesome customer service. Everyone at DealDash that I have ever spoken to, either through email on on the phone have been such friendly, polite, and helpful people that it’s really worth mentioning.

I hope that this article encourages you to talk to your friends about DealDash. The only thing more fun than showing off your win on Facebook to strangers is showing off your awesome win to a friend! If you’re interested in reading some tips and tricks check out the “Tactics & Tips” section on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!