Let’s Look at DealDash Strategies

DealDash Strategies

There are many different playing strategies that you can use on DealDash. What is your favorite?

There are many different ways to play on DealDash. There really is no right or wrong way. What sorts of bidding strategies do you like to use on DealDash?  It’s always a smart idea to change your thinking and your bidding strategies on DealDash. Have you changed your strategy lately? It’s time to start thinking about how you can do things differently.

Get In Before the No Jumper

Are you getting in on the auctions early enough? You know, most DealDash auctions have a $5 No Jumper limit. You absolutely have to get in on the auction before the auction reaches $5. Sometimes, DealDash does a special promotion that lowers the No Jumper limit to $3. You need to get your bids in early, otherwise, you are going to miss out!

Recycle Your Bids

Are you making the most of your bids by recycling them? To recycle your bids, simply BIN (Buying It Now) items that you don’t win. If you enter any DealDash auction prepared to BIN it, then you’re recycling your bids like a pro! This is a great strategy, and you know that you’re going to get all of your bids back and have the item shipped to you for free as well.

Do Your Research

Doing research on auction items and other bidders are a must. You can’t just go into an auction “blind” to your competitors and to the advantages of the items. Research, research, research everything that you can in your spare time. If there’s a week that you don’t have any bids to use, visit the auctions anyway and take notes on the other bidders and the final auction prices of any of the items that you are interested in winning. It will pay off next time.

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