Dave’s Promo

Hey Everyone! Hope y’all are doing well and enjoying the competitive shopping experience DealDash gives you! I would be interested
in hearing from you if you’ve won an amazing deal that you were so happy about – one that you have to share with your family or friends
because you just couldn’t believe it. So, in your next question you have for me be sure to let me know or just send me a message right now!
Also while I am on this point, send me a message and let me know if you are following this blog and catching up on some of the latest
developments we are having here at DealDash. For instance, last week we launched a campaign with facebook! For anyone that signed up on
DealDash and confirmed a facebook authorization, they received $5 in credits! We had so many new people coming to the site to give it a try.
I am sure some of you “old heads” or shall I say “experienced users” noticed a lot of new faces/ users on the site. We hope to continue growing
our user base here at DealDash so you can expect to see more and more.

We are getting to a point now that we would like to have some type of promotion and the BIG BOSS came to me and asked if I could come up with
something that would be fun and exciting for y’all out there! So I thought the best way to find out was to ask you. Tell me, what would be of
interest to you? What kind of promotion would you like to see? I was thinking we could involve Twitter. By the way… are you following us on
Twitter? If not then you should as I am twitting some cool and interesting stuff – at least I think so 🙂 Also, I’ll post some codes or some
type of unique identifier that you can use to claim some free bonus credits! http://twitter.com/dealdash

Let’s start off and do a small promo right now! Everyone that reads this blog entry and responds to me by Monday, May 10th gets 5 bonus credits
to their account! In the subject line you should include something unique so I can recognize the message quickly such as… Dave’s Blog Shines On!
Also, be sure to include your thoughts on what you think would be a cool promotion. Who’s ever idea we go with gets an added surprise bonus!

Thanks for reading! I’m going to try and keep this updated at least every week. I look forward to hearing from you!

Catch ya’ later,
– Dave

Hello! It’s Friday!

I hope you all enjoyed some of the new developments the team implemented this week! Thank you for the nice feedback, we really
appreciate it. Now when you win a deal on DealDash you have a choice to take delivery on your won item or you can choose to
take bonus credits which are instantly added to your account! This is so great as it allows you to stay more competitive to battle
it out for that item you’ve been dreaming about 😉 I hope you have a great weekend, I’ll see ya’ next week!

Catch ya’ later – Dave

BIG Changes

It’s been 2 weeks since we first launched DealDash and I must say things have gone great! We appreciate the feedback
we have received and made a couple changes such as reducing the clocks from 60 seconds to 30 seconds to help pick up
the pace and we dropped the price increment from $0.10 cents to $0.05 cents! Additionally, were happy that you’re enjoying
the Buy it Now feature.

Have you been following us on Twitter? I’m going to be sharing great tips & fun news so be sure not to miss out on that action!
Here’s the link so you can easily start following us: http://twitter.com/dealdash – I’ll definitely convince the bosses to throw
up some sick promotions you can only find there!

Okay so I have to mention it! What about that insane DealBattle between Techie159 and Namio for the first Apple iPad to be up
for grabs on DealDash! I know a lot of you saw that, if not.. well all I can say is that it was the craziest DealBattle we’ve seen on the
new site.

There is still a lot to come! It’s really exciting now that many of the major changes are in place we are able to focus more
on unique and creative developments to make your experience even better. Thanks for all your support and stay tuned for
whats to come. Until then, keep on DealDashing!

Catch ya’ later!

– Dave


Okay, so you’re probably wondering what happened to my Bidray 🙁 and those cool guys and gals that worked there!;) Well, no worries we are
all still here and every thing is the still the same… just different :). Below you’ll see a list of what’s changed, since the bitter sweet Bidray
times, to give you an idea of whats new! Now, like in anything these days and the way the saying’s go “you can’t please everyone” and
“no body’s perfect” – I have to agree with that but there’s no reason why we can’t keep on trying, and that’s just what we are going to do.

It’s our mission to give you the best and most unique competitive shopping experience you have never experienced before. However, there’s a
catch! We can’t do it without you! We ask each and every one of you to be responsible players, please follow the House Rules (there’s only four).
Also play fair, be honest and most importantly have fun, have a blast! There’s a great opportunity here to win some great deals and if you don’t win,
you can still buy it now and go home happy :). So all you Nerds, Rock Stars, Surfers & Greasers, Grandmas & Grandpas, Mothers & Fathers, not
to leave out you awesome Bachelors & Bachelorettes and the average Joe’s out there. It’s time to crank up your computer, tablet, rocket ship, whatever;
strap on your boot strap, strategy hat, protective armor bathrobe or gear of your choice, and let the Deal Battles begin!

Catch ya later!
– Dave