How They Try to Make You Crazy With Mind Games

Most people think about romantic relationships when the phrase “mind games” comes up. However, mind games are also a common theme on DealDash.


What’s in a name? Did you think carefully about your bidding name when you signed up to DealDash? I can tell that some people thought very seriously about their name before they signed up, and their main thought was either to gain sympathy with a name such as “SingleMomof12Kids” or “WoundedKittenRescuer” or to intimidate with names like “IwillBiduntiltheApocalypse” or “IwillBiteyouIfyouBidafterMe”.

Other people take a different track, but still in the realm of playing mind games – have you seen anyone with a name such as “IonlyBidonlaptops” or “GiveMeAlltheMixers”? This track is slightly more subtle than the sympathy or intimidation names, but it gets the point across. If you were in an auction for a set of drums, and it was down to the final two, and your competition’s name was “ImADrummer” who do you think is definitely going to go to the end? I would bet my money on the person who has based their entire DealDash experience on the fact that they are a drummer.

If you’re looking for an even more subtle way to play mind games on your competition I suggest using a combination of your BidBuddy and single bids. If you aren’t using your BidBuddy regularly I strongly encourage you to give it a try. It’s really simple to use, each auction page has the bid button that says “Bid Now” and the BidBuddy, which is below the bid now button. Click your mouse on the white area and enter the number of bids you want to use and click “Book a BidBuddy” your BidBuddy will now be set. The BidBuddy will bid up to the number of bids that you booked. Most people are familiar with the BidBuddy, so if you are in an auction and you are using your BidBuddy but you start throwing in random bids here and there it can really throw people off.



A bold way to play mind games with your competition can actually earn you free bids! After you have won and received your auctions you can get free bids by taking a photo of yourself holding the win and posting the picture on social media with a quick message like “I got this -name of item won here- @DealDash for -number of bids used- bids & $ -final auction price-. #DealDash also gives #FREE shipping!” If you are looking to play mind games with people then only pick the biggest and best prizes that you have won and put them on social media. That way, people think that you always go to the limit and win big! Think about it, would you be more impressed with someone who won a bunch of $20 DVDs and small household items or people than seem to continuously win laptops and other high-end prizes? If you skip posting your small wins and only stick with your over $200 prizes then people will assume you “go big or go home”. Here’s a link to get the full details on how to get even more free bids, it’s easy to do and is a great deal.

I hope this helped you think about playing DealDash using some strategic mind games! If you’re interested in reading even more tips and tricks check out the “Tactics & Tips” section on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!




My Tips for Using the BidBuddy

“What’s a BidBuddy?” you might ask on your first day of discovering DealDash – The secret is in the name. It’s your new best friend.

This (hopefully) helpful article is for those of you new to DealDash who aren’t yet familiar with the BidBuddy. It might be mystifying to you to see people that seem to be bidding on DealDash around the clock. “When do they sleep?” you might ask. You also might be curious why certain groups of bidders on auctions seem to place their bids in the same order every time, with 9 seconds in between. The answer to both of those questions is by using the BidBuddy!

The BidBuddy is an automatic and free to use bidding tool used on DealDash, and is by far the most important secret of how to win auctions. Here’s a few different ways that the BidBuddy can help users win auctions:

You are in charge of telling the BidBuddy to use a pre-set number of bids in each auction. Once you have inputted the number of bids you would like to use, the BidBuddy will automatically place your bids before the bid clock counts down to 0. When you set your BidBuddy you’re guaranteed to get your bids in no matter how many people are in the auction, and no matter what their bidding style. You’re free to leave the computer and do other things while the BidBuddy will automatically start bidding for you, you don’t even have to have your computer on. It’s extremely handy for people who don’t know if they will have access to a computer or smartphone when the auction begins. The BidBuddy will bid up to the number of bids that you booked, and you can adjust that number up or down anytime that you like.

If more than one bidder has a BidBuddy set on a certain auction then the BidBuddies will take turns placing the bids. Most bidders know this and they look for these patterns, and if they see more than a few BidBuddies taking turns they’ll know that they won’t win until the BidBuddies have run out of bids. You might want to try putting in just 2 or 3 bids into your BidBuddy and watching the auction, when you see a pattern you can tell whether other bidders have their BidBuddies set up. Almost all auctions on DealDash are won using the BidBuddy, so try using these tips to help you win more auctions, the BidBuddy will never let you down, even if the power in your house goes out the BidBuddy will still faithfully bid as many bids as you have “fed” it before the auction.

I hope this helped some of you newer DealDashers! If you’re interested in reading even more tips and tricks check out the “Tactics & Tips” section on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!