10 Fun DealDash Facts

  • DealDash was started by William Wolfram of Finland in 2009 when he was just 16 years old! He quit high school to focus on DealDash which turned out to be a great success.


  • Wolfram’s idea for DealDash was born out of a frustrating experience he had when he lost 50 euros in an unsuccessful attempt to win a MacBook computer on another bidding site.


  • DealDash employs 65 employees through headquarter locations in Helsinki, Finland and Minneapolis, Minnesota.


  • DealDash is the longest-running bidding fee auction site in the United States.


  • DealDash is for bidders in the United States only.


  • DealDash is considered a risk-free alternative to penny auction sites with its “Buy It Now” option, allowing users to purchase items they don’t win which allows them to get all their bids spent on that auction back.


  • DealDash partners with BestBuy for distribution of its BuyItNow items.


  • DealDash employs gaming developers in its quest to provide a fun experience for bidders.


  • Penny auctions will always be considered by some to be a scam, but DealDash prides itself on enforcing strict bidding policies and being regularly audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the largest and most trusted auditing firms in the world.


  • DealDash customer service is continually top-rated by users and is in alignment with Wolfram’s belief that if you stay in touch with the customers, they will let you know what kind of a job you’re doing.


Happy Bidding!