Mixing it up in the Kitchen with Kitchenaid

Kitchenaid makes wonderful products and has a rich and interesting history.

Do you have a favorite helper in the kitchen? I do! It’s my beautiful Artisan 5-quart mixer from Kitchenaid!

Kitchenaid makes makes the best stand mixers in the world, and I feel very fortunate that I am able to have one. Not only are they amazing at mixing dough and making pasta, but they have a color to suit every taste! Mine is hot pink, they call it “Raspberry Ice.”


When you get a Kitchenaid mixer, you get more than just a mixer! Here’s what’s in the box:

  • – Stand Mixer
  • – Flat Beater
  • – Dough Hook
  • – Wire Whip
  • – Pouring Shield

These attachments are very useful, the flat beater can turn a baked chicken breast into shredded chicken for BBQ or chicken salad in no time! I use the wire whip to beat cream cheese into cheesecake, and heavy cream into whipped cream. There are a lot of other attachments that you can get, such as the food grinder, ice cream maker, ravioli maker, and many more. These attachments save time as well as money – I will never buy whipped cream in a can again! The whipped cream that you can make with the Kitchenaid is delicious, and has just one ingredient, heavy cream.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tr9KQQL5lgQ&w=560&h=315]

Kitchenaid has been around since 1919, it was started by The Hobart Corporation. These days, however, it’s owned by Whirlpool. Interestingly, when the mixer first came out, it was sold at hardware stores! The mixers were The Hobart Corporation’s sole product for 30 years, but in 1949 they introduced the dishwasher. Following the mixer and the dishwasher came the fridge, in 1986. Since then, of course, they have added many other things to their repertoire, including coffee makers, juicers, blenders, toasters, waffle makers, and so many more.

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Written by Dawn Xu, a mom of 2 living in Massachusetts. I love DealDash and YouTube, so I make “Unboxing” videos of my DealDash WINs. If you would like to see one of my DealDash themed videos, clickhere

Keurig + K-Cup = One Great Morning!

Keurig brewers are user friendly and offer a large selection of beverage flavors to enjoy.

By this time, pretty much everyone in the USA has heard of Keurig, the company that makes the amazing coffee makers, right? Well, you may have heard of them, but let’s really get to know them…

For starters, Keurig is a New England company, they are located in Vermont. If you are familiar with Vermont, you would know what other food giant is located there, Ben & Jerry’s! Keurig’s main product that everyone knows about is of course the Keurig single cup brewer and corresponding K-Cups, but you might be interested to know that Keurig also makes a single cup espresso machine, too. It’s called the Rivo, and it’s capable of frothing milk for your lattes or cappuccinos.

How many flavors of K-Cups do you think are available to purchase? You might be surprised to know that the answer is over 268! Just a few of the flavors include Dark Roast, Medium Roast, Light Roast, Flavored, Decaf, Fair Trade Certified and Organic Coffee Roasts. There are also many popular brands such as Bigelow, Starbucks, Cafe Escapes, Celestial Seasonings, Gloria Jean’s Tea, Dunkin’ Donuts, Timothy’s Tea, and Twinings Tea just to name a few. If 268 flavors isn’t enough for you to choose from, Keurig even offers a gadget called “My K-Cup,” that you can fill with any coffee grounds that you would like to use to make yourself a custom flavor.


If you’re curious as to how the Keurig and K-Cup work together, it’s simple! The K-Cup is a plastic container with a paper filter inside. Ground coffee beans, tea leaves, or other flavor mixes are packed in the K-Cup and sealed with an air-tight lid. This keeps the coffee grounds fresher for much longer than traditional bags. When the K-Cup is placed in a Keurig brewer, the brewer punctures both the foil lid and the bottom of the K-Cup with a sharp implement, and forces hot water under pressure through the K-Cup and into your mug of choice. Voila! Your coffee is ready! It’s amazing how such a simple design can make life so much easier.

Keurig is not only user-friendly, they also have amazing customer service. You can get in touch with them by email of course, but they also offer an actual physical address that you can mail in your feedback, as well as customer service over the phone that is offered 17 hours per day! They take calls from 7AM to Midnight every single day.

Keurig doesn’t just have ideas that the average person thinks are great– They also win awards, over and over again! For example, the Harris Poll has named Keurig the coffee maker “Brand of the Year” for 2012, 2013, and 2014. I am guessing when 2015 comes to a close that Keurig will be getting the Brand of the Year award yet again!

If you love coffee (or tea, or hot chocolate, or any hot drink, really!) then you should check out DealDash. DealDash offers the newest Keurig, which happens to be The Keurig 2.0 K400 Coffee Brewing System with Carafe. They also offer K-Cups on an almost daily basis. Go check it out, your coffee mug will thank you.

Written by Dawn Xu, a mom of 2 living in Massachusetts. I love DealDash and YouTube, so I make “Unboxing” videos of my DealDash WINs. If you would like to see one of my DealDash themed videos, click here

U like Wii?

Nintendo is one of my favorite game systems of all time, and I was so excited when the Wii U came out and took the gaming world by storm with it’s handheld game pad controller. There are so many different applications of the Wii U game pad controller that you don’t even have to be a gamer to appreciate it!

Starting off, it’s the only game controller that I have seen that even remotely resembles a tablet. Not only does it have the standard D-Pad and analog sticks, it also has motion control and a touchscreen capability. You can use this game pad controller as a second screen while you are playing, or even play the game strictly on the game pad instead of using the TV! If gaming isn’t your thing, but you have a Wii U in your house due to a roommate or relative, you can use the game pad as a TV remote, too.

Another thing that makes the Wii U different from some of the other competitors like PS4 or Xbox One is that Wii U offers more indie games than any other system. For instance, in an article on Gamespot last week mentioned three new indie games that are going to be released soon for Wii U – Don’t Starve, Octodad, and Never Alone. Other indie releases are coming out later in the year include Affordable Space Adventures, Runbow, and Swords & Soldiers 2. Nintendo has announced so many new indie titles coming out this year that they have even coined the phrased “Nindie” for Nintendo Indie.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69HeuLNN87w&w=560&h=315]

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My name is Dawn and I love DealDash! I have only been bidding for around 9 months, but I am very patient and I have already won over 200 auctions. I am a Mom of 2 and I live in Massachusetts. If you would like to watch any of my DealDash “Unboxings”, click here!

Cash is Dead, Long Live the King – Thin King, That Is!

The Thin King is anodized aluminum wallets that are meant to hold credit, debit, and gift cards.

There are a lot of great new products that are coming out of Finland lately, but one of the newest and most universally useful are the Thin King wallets. They are not only useful but also have a stylish and modern design.

Think King has designed an anodized aluminum wallet that are meant to hold credit, debit, and gift cards. They will also hold any other card of a similar size such as a library or gym membership card, etc. Anodized aluminum is extremely durable, and can hold up to just about any type of abuse you can image, including being run over by a car!


Thin King also protects your cards from RFID scanners and skimmers. If you aren’t familiar with skimming and scanning, basically it means when a criminal uses a radio frequency to transfer data from your credit card to steal your card numbers without you even knowing it. Since the Thin King is made out of the anodized aluminum, it means that your card numbers and data are safe, since the radio frequency cannot penetrate it to steal your information. That is an extremely useful characteristic to have, because even if your bank reimburses you for the charges there is usually a delay while they are investigating, and then an additional delay for them to send you a new card with different numbers.

The Thin King is not only useful, it’s also much more attractive than your average wallet that has been in a back pocket or swimming around in the bottom of a purse for months. It’s got a sleek minimalist design, and comes in 9 standard colors: Red, Titan Gray, Silver, Turquoise, Blue, Black, Green, Champagne, and Hot Pink. Thin King has also recently come out with what they call the “Heritage Collection,” which are handcrafted out of special materials. The Heritage Collection designs have a limited production, so if you see one that you like it’s probably best to order it lest you miss out. The current Heritage Collection designs are called Curly Birch and Salmon Skin. Both the standard and the Heritage Collection Thin Kings measure 3.4″ x 2.4″ x 0.3,” just slightly larger than a credit card, so it fits perfectly in just about any pocket.

Volver Creative is the genius behind The Thin King wallets, who are located in Helsinki, Finland. Even though this is a Finnish company they have retailers all over the world that carry the Thin King, including Canada, USA, Russia, Korea, and many more. Volver Creative is a young and hip company that you should keep an eye out for. Their tagline is “Cash is Dead. Long Live the King,” which is pretty clever if you ask me!

You’ll find DealDash is offering up Thin King wallets on a regular basis. Now that you have the knowledge about the Thin King, and the links to the auctions, go ahead and set your BidBuddy and win one of these great wallets. Happy bidding everyone!

I’m Dawn, a mom of 2 living in Massachusetts. I love DealDash and YouTube, so I make “Unboxing” videos of my DealDash WINs. If you would like to see one of my DealDash themed videos, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO3Wdmo2sv0

Makia Clothing Brewing on DealDash Soon!

Do you follow the latest fashion trends? Are you the first of your social circle to find out about new brands? Let me introduce you to Makia Clothing.

Makia is a clothing company that was founded in 2001 and based out of Helsinki, Finland. They offer a great variety of clothing, including both men’s and women’s styles, as well as gender-neutral items like scarves, wallets, and hats which is what you’ll be seeing a lot of on DealDash soon!

One of the coolest and most interesting things that I found out about Makia Clothing is that they were a sponsor of the first ever Winter Olympic Team Zimbabwe last year! Makia provided the outfits for team Zimbabwe. Luke Stern was the first Zimbabwean to participate in the Winter Olympic Games, and judging by his comments on Facebook, he loves Makia Clothing, too.

[vimeo 85825881 w=1000 h=562]

Makia is a proud sponsor of the first ever Winter Olympic Team of Zimbabwe. from Makiaclothing on Vimeo.

In addition to Makia Clothing’s generosity with Zimbabwe, they also care about the environment. They use reusable packaging by the company Original Repack, which is great for keeping our Earth healthy.

Furthermore, there’s another reason why I like Makia Clothing, and that’s because they use real people to model their clothing. There’s really nothing worse than seeing a cute outfit on a model online, ordering it, and realizing that what looks great on a supermodel doesn’t look so great on an average person. Makia Clothing gets rid of unrealistic expectations and showcases their clothing on average looking people rather than perfect looking ones.

Plus, if you’re a fan of F1 racing, you might have already heard of Makia Clothing. The Makia Racing Team was founded in 2012, and their star driver is Kimi Raikkonen, who drives for team Ferrari. They have come out with a line of racing gear such as hats, hoodies, and tee shirts. Check out how they got Kimi!

Does Makia Clothing sound like the right brand for you? Well, the folks at DealDash have decided to start carrying Makia Clothing, so it will be a great opportunity to try out the brand. As we all know, DealDash offers free shipping on every single item. Expect to see Makia gear on DealDash within the next couple of weeks!