Cash is Dead, Long Live the King – Thin King, That Is!

The Thin King is anodized aluminum wallets that are meant to hold credit, debit, and gift cards.

There are a lot of great new products that are coming out of Finland lately, but one of the newest and most universally useful are the Thin King wallets. They are not only useful but also have a stylish and modern design.

Think King has designed an anodized aluminum wallet that are meant to hold credit, debit, and gift cards. They will also hold any other card of a similar size such as a library or gym membership card, etc. Anodized aluminum is extremely durable, and can hold up to just about any type of abuse you can image, including being run over by a car!


Thin King also protects your cards from RFID scanners and skimmers. If you aren’t familiar with skimming and scanning, basically it means when a criminal uses a radio frequency to transfer data from your credit card to steal your card numbers without you even knowing it. Since the Thin King is made out of the anodized aluminum, it means that your card numbers and data are safe, since the radio frequency cannot penetrate it to steal your information. That is an extremely useful characteristic to have, because even if your bank reimburses you for the charges there is usually a delay while they are investigating, and then an additional delay for them to send you a new card with different numbers.

The Thin King is not only useful, it’s also much more attractive than your average wallet that has been in a back pocket or swimming around in the bottom of a purse for months. It’s got a sleek minimalist design, and comes in 9 standard colors: Red, Titan Gray, Silver, Turquoise, Blue, Black, Green, Champagne, and Hot Pink. Thin King has also recently come out with what they call the “Heritage Collection,” which are handcrafted out of special materials. The Heritage Collection designs have a limited production, so if you see one that you like it’s probably best to order it lest you miss out. The current Heritage Collection designs are called Curly Birch and Salmon Skin. Both the standard and the Heritage Collection Thin Kings measure 3.4″ x 2.4″ x 0.3,” just slightly larger than a credit card, so it fits perfectly in just about any pocket.

Volver Creative is the genius behind The Thin King wallets, who are located in Helsinki, Finland. Even though this is a Finnish company they have retailers all over the world that carry the Thin King, including Canada, USA, Russia, Korea, and many more. Volver Creative is a young and hip company that you should keep an eye out for. Their tagline is “Cash is Dead. Long Live the King,” which is pretty clever if you ask me!

You’ll find DealDash is offering up Thin King wallets on a regular basis. Now that you have the knowledge about the Thin King, and the links to the auctions, go ahead and set your BidBuddy and win one of these great wallets. Happy bidding everyone!

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