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I won this Tonfisk WARM 20 fl oz Teapot worth $110- for only 77cents on #DealDash, with just 17 bids! Afternoon Tea is on me from now on and in STYLE. Thanks DealDash for another great deal!

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Playstation Rules the Gaming World

Has the word “PlayStation” invaded your vocabulary? Do you have a child over the age of about 5? Let’s Play!

Who among us has never played a PlayStation game, be it with your child, your buddies, or even just to blow off some steam of a hard day’s work? Let’s just say that you enjoy the Sony PlayStation because your children like it. I don’t know about your kids, but my son is crazy for the Disney INFINITY video game series. Here’s how it works:

You can star in an original Disney adventure, in which you’ll battle enemies, solve puzzles, conquer obstacles and complete a variety of other exciting quests, all by placing your INFINITY figures onto the Base. As easy as that you can transport yourself to the worlds of your favorite Disney movies! There are all kinds to choose from, in the example in the above paragraph, Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles, Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and Sulley from Monsters Inc are all included in the set. You can mix and match unique combinations of characters, buildings, weapons, gadgets and more in the virtual Toy Box to build an entire new game world of your own imagination. It’s really a lot of fun, you can play with 1-4 players age 6+.


If children’s games aren’t your cup of tea, and you thirst for adventure instead, how about picking up a copy of The Last of Us for PlayStation? The Last of Us blends elements of survival and action, and defines the survival adventure genre by placing you in the heart of the adventure to outlast a modern plague on your journey across the decimated United States. You play as Joel, a survivor, and Ellie, a teenage girl, you must work together to fend off dangerous foes, terrifying enemies and other survivors who will do anything to save themselves.


Of course, maybe you aren’t interested in children’s games or adventure– How about sports? PlayStation has one of the best selection of sports titles, there’s EA SPORTS UFCGran Turismo 5 (if you are the sort that thinks racing is a sport!), or Madden NFL 25 just to name a few.


Sony gives us such a great variety of games, and they also don’t disappoint on accessories! There’s a  PlayStation Camera for the PS4, a DUALSHOCK 4 Controller, a Controller Charging Station, and many more.

Almost everyone knows that PlayStation is a Sony brand, but did you know that the “PlayStation” brand was first introduced on December 3, 1994 (in Japan) with the launch of the original PlayStation console? The Playstation (PS2) was released 6 years later in the year 2000. Since then we have seen two more new PlayStation consoles, the PS3 in 2006, and the PS4 in 2013, where it sold 1 million consoles in its first 24 hours available, becoming the fastest selling console in history. Now that’s a lot of PlayStation fun!

If you love games, why don’t you head on over to DealDash and see what PlayStation auctions are currently running? Not a day goes by that I don’t see at least one PlayStation product, be it a game or an accessory. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!


Oster – Affordable and Quality Kitchenware

Oster makes high-quality kitchenware that won’t leave your wallet burning like your Mother-in-Law’s cooking.

Thinking about last night’s dinner, how about we imagine what Oster kitchenware you might have used to prepare it. Did you use your 22-piece Oster Baldwyn knife set to chop your veggies? This is really a beautiful stainless steel knife set that would look great in any modern kitchen. Here’s what’s included:

  • 6-1/2″ santoku knife, 8″ chef knife, 6″ chef knife, 8″ carving knife, 3″ bird’s beak paring knife, 3-1/2″ paring knife, 6″ utility knife, 6″ boning knife, 6″ cleaver
  • Eight 4-1/2″ steak knives
  • 6″ fork, scissors
  • Sharpening steel, rubberwood block


After chopping your veggies you might have realized that you just couldn’t get your herbs chopped up fine enough so you brought out your Oster 12-Speed Metallic Gray Blender with 3-Cup Food Processor. That was a wise move on your part, because you can chop and grind with the sharp, resilient stainless steel blade, and it even has 450 watts of power! It also has a an all-metal drive system, instead of plastic, to make the Oster blender more durable and long lasting. The BPA-free food processor accessory features a large-capacity, 3-cup bowl, perfect for chopping, mixing and mincing vegetables, nuts and more.


After everything was chopped and ready to go you tossed it all into the 12″ x 12″ Oster DuraCeramic electric skillet and let Oster help you finish up dinner. You love how the DuraCeramic coating resists flaking and peeling to ensure lasting use, facilitates food removal, and is even PFOA- and PTFE-free to keep your family safe.


Dinner is served! Delicious!

Whatever dinner you might have been craving Oster has the tool to help you create it.

If you’re interested in learning a little history about the Oster company, you might be interested to know that Oster started out as The John Oster Manufacturing Company, they were a  maker of small appliances. The Oster brand is continued today as a trademark of Sunbeam Products.

The company was started in 1924 by John Oster, manufacturing manually powered hair clippers designed to cut men’s hair. John Oster Manufacturing Company was established in the garage of John Oster in Racine, WI.

In 1946, in order to diversify, the John Oster Manufacturing Company bought the Stevens Electric Company, which had received a patent on the liquefying blender in 1922. After the acquisition, the brand “Osterizer” was adopted for these blenders. In 1960, Oster Manufacturing was acquired by Sunbeam.

I hope you and your family enjoy Oster products as much as my family does. Head on over to DealDash and check out what Oster products are coming up soon. And remember, if you don’t end up winning the product you want you can always BIN (Buy it Now) and get all of your bids back. Good luck everyone!




All-Season Gardening with Gardman and DealDash

Do you know what can help make a great summer even better? Awesome outdoor gardening items from Gardman!

Do you have a garden or a small greenhouse in your yard? Gardman has a super selection of different outdoor gardening products – there’s the Four Tier Mini Greenhouse, the Walk-In 4X6 Greenhouse, the R700 5-Shelf Steel Frame Greenhouse, and finally the  Foldaway R616 Garden Kneeler Seat for when you’re feeling like you need a little comfort. I’ve seen for myself that their greenhouses are durable, hold up to the elements, are easy to put together, and can grow amazing amounts of plants and flowers in a relatively small space.

If you’re interested in the background of Gardman, Gardman USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gardman Ltd., the UK’s leading supplier of lawn and garden, and wild bird care products. They are known for innovative and high quality products without breaking the bank to buy them. Gardman USA has established itself as one of the key suppliers to the independent garden center trade. Gardman closely follows the design trends in Europe but keeps an eye toward American tastes. Gardman USA also follows market trends in Australia, China, and the UK for inspiration on new product development.


If you’re just starting to get the idea that you would like to get a greenhouse, might I suggest that you start with the Gardman Four Tier Mini Greenhouse? It’s great because you can see if you like having a greenhouse in your garden, but it really doesn’t take up that much space at all, pretty much any size garden can accommodate this multi-tier mini greenhouse. You can put the Gardman Four Tier Mini Greenhouse on a deck, patio, or balcony. It has a sturdy, tubular steel frame and a removable, clear plastic cover with full length roll up zippered access. Inside, there are shelves for pots and seed trays. You can propagate your seeds while adding a little decoration to your garden with this  multi-tier mini greenhouse.


If you have moved past the mini greenhouse stage and are ready for something a little bigger, the Walk-In 4X6 Greenhouse with shelving might be right up your alley. This greenhouse offers plenty of space for pots and gardening tools and comes with multiple open shelves.Design-wise it has a heavy-duty reinforced cover and a roll-up door. Pegs and guy ropes are included for additional stability. No tools are required for assembly of this unique structure. In addition to that, Gardman even offers a 1 year warranty on this greenhouse!


If you’re ready to take the plunge into owning a greenhouse, DealDash offers a variety of Gardman greenhouses for your bidding pleasure. You can set your Bid Buddy and get one of these great products for a fraction of the cost! If you don’t happen to win the auction, though, you can still be a winner by using BIN (Buy it Now). When you BIN you get the product that you wanted, all of your bids back, free shipping, and keep all of the bids that you won as being the highest bidder. Good luck and happy bidding everyone.

Keeping Things Cool With Keystone

How’s the weather where you are? I’m here to tell you, things are heating up here in Boston!

If you have ever lived in New England you might be familiar with the fact that central A/C can be scarce around here! Unless you live in a newer building you probably have to make due with fans, window A/Cs, and cold showers. Up until very recently I was one of those people. However, those solutions really weren’t working very well for me. No matter how many BTUs I would buy on my window A/Cs they never seemed good enough to cool more than a bed-room sized room. However, one day I found the answer to my cool air prayers.


Enter the  Keystone KSTAP12A 12,000 BTU portable air conditioner. This awesome air conditioner features 3 fan speeds and a fan-only mode for custom comfort. It’s also super easy to install – it comes with a flexible plastic extendable vent tube and a kit to install it into basically any window, be it vertical or horizontal. And forget just cooling a small bedroom, this thing will cool a room up to 600 square feet! I actually had mine in my living room and kitchen area in my old house and it cooled both, even when I was cooking. Some other great features of the  Keystone KSTAP12A:

  • Castor wheels easily roll unit from room to room
  • Adjustable air flow direction allows you to easily control the direction of the cool air
  • Turbo mode for your convenience
  • Electronic controls with LED display make choosing settings easy
  • Built-in timer gives you control over when and for how long cooling runs
  • Auto Restart saves your settings for when power is restored to the unit
  • Full-function “Follow Me” remote control
  • No bucket design means you don’t have to worry about emptying water

This is the best air conditioner that I have ever owned, by far. I really like how easy it is to set up, and also how simple it is to transfer from room to room if you would like to have some extra cooling power.

Another great product that Keystone makes is the KSTAD50B 50 Pt. Dehumidifier. This is one powerful dehumidifier, it’s able to remove up to 50 pints of moisture from the air per day in a room up to 3000 square feet. That’s basically an entire basement plus some! Do you already have a dehumidifier but you’re worried it’s going to overflow at some point? Well, you don’t have to worry with the Keystone. There are two options available for you –

1- Full bucket alert with automatic shut-off


2- Continuous draining option available with a standard garden hose (hose not included)

When you use either of these options you can stop worrying about the overflow. It’s so nice to be able to relax in the cool air this summer thanks to Keystone!

If you’re in need of a great quality air conditioner or dehumidifier for this upcoming summer heat and humidity, head on over to DealDash! They have both of these products available on their site for your bidding entertainment. Remember, if you have bid up to the Buy It Now (BIN) price and people are still bidding, there’s no need to worry – just BIN the item at the retail price listed and you will immediately get all of your bids back. It’s really a Win-Win situation. Good luck and happy bidding everyone.