All-Season Gardening with Gardman and DealDash

Do you know what can help make a great summer even better? Awesome outdoor gardening items from Gardman!

Do you have a garden or a small greenhouse in your yard? Gardman has a super selection of different outdoor gardening products – there’s the Four Tier Mini Greenhouse, the Walk-In 4X6 Greenhouse, the R700 5-Shelf Steel Frame Greenhouse, and finally the  Foldaway R616 Garden Kneeler Seat for when you’re feeling like you need a little comfort. I’ve seen for myself that their greenhouses are durable, hold up to the elements, are easy to put together, and can grow amazing amounts of plants and flowers in a relatively small space.

If you’re interested in the background of Gardman, Gardman USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gardman Ltd., the UK’s leading supplier of lawn and garden, and wild bird care products. They are known for innovative and high quality products without breaking the bank to buy them. Gardman USA has established itself as one of the key suppliers to the independent garden center trade. Gardman closely follows the design trends in Europe but keeps an eye toward American tastes. Gardman USA also follows market trends in Australia, China, and the UK for inspiration on new product development.


If you’re just starting to get the idea that you would like to get a greenhouse, might I suggest that you start with the Gardman Four Tier Mini Greenhouse? It’s great because you can see if you like having a greenhouse in your garden, but it really doesn’t take up that much space at all, pretty much any size garden can accommodate this multi-tier mini greenhouse. You can put the Gardman Four Tier Mini Greenhouse on a deck, patio, or balcony. It has a sturdy, tubular steel frame and a removable, clear plastic cover with full length roll up zippered access. Inside, there are shelves for pots and seed trays. You can propagate your seeds while adding a little decoration to your garden with this  multi-tier mini greenhouse.


If you have moved past the mini greenhouse stage and are ready for something a little bigger, the Walk-In 4X6 Greenhouse with shelving might be right up your alley. This greenhouse offers plenty of space for pots and gardening tools and comes with multiple open shelves.Design-wise it has a heavy-duty reinforced cover and a roll-up door. Pegs and guy ropes are included for additional stability. No tools are required for assembly of this unique structure. In addition to that, Gardman even offers a 1 year warranty on this greenhouse!


If you’re ready to take the plunge into owning a greenhouse, DealDash offers a variety of Gardman greenhouses for your bidding pleasure. You can set your Bid Buddy and get one of these great products for a fraction of the cost! If you don’t happen to win the auction, though, you can still be a winner by using BIN (Buy it Now). When you BIN you get the product that you wanted, all of your bids back, free shipping, and keep all of the bids that you won as being the highest bidder. Good luck and happy bidding everyone.