500 Bids Giveaway Winners!!!

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Many thanks to everyone that downloaded the free WOT add-on and rated DealDash. Your participation is greatly appreciated. If you want a great add-on please give WOT (World of Trust) a try and rate DealDash and other sites you trust. 
Congratulations to the five WOT contest WINNERS! You now have 100 Free bids on your DealDash account. 
1.) yomyom 
2.) M_DLyons 
3.) Minka1 
4.) SanchezDrty 
5.) GoGriz 
Every Monday we select one winner of 200 Free bids. To enter: Go to our Facebook page and post a photo of yourself showcasing one of your recent DealDash wins!  
Download WOT and rate DealDash! 
The WOT add-on tells you which websites you can trust based on other web users’ experiences. Free download available for all major browsers at www.mywot.com
After you download the add-on, go to www.dealdash.com and rate DealDash. As seen in this screenshot, click here.
If you´re thinking about trying DealDash or have any questions, feel welcome to send us an email to [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you!