Are you in a bad winning streak on DealDash? Use humor and logic!

I’ll admit it…there are times I get so frustrated on DealDash by not winning that the thought of pummeling my computer with a sledgehammer brings me to a level of uncomfortable diabolical bliss.

Through trial and error and a whole lot of practice, I’ve come to enjoy a moderate level of success on DealDash, but haven’t yet broken into the realm of being a true “experienced bidder”—you know the kind—a bidder that seems to be winning many, many times a day…the ones who seem to be in every auction you’re trying to win.

If I can win one moderately-priced item and a couple smaller items I can exchange to bids each day, I consider it a successful day on DealDash. But lately…not so much.

So the options are to assume to the Jack Nicholson grin as I imagine smashing my computer to smithereens or think it through and do something logical to get me through the bidding slump.

Here are some tricks I’ve learned to help get me through those insanely frustrating times when I just can’t seem to win a thing.


Take a Break

When you are fan of DealDash as much as I am, sometimes taking a break is the hardest thing to do. Why? Because it’s super fun , that’s why! And I will be truthful, sometimes it takes me using up every last bid to force myself to take that break, but it usually helps. Sometimes the break is for a day or two, sometimes longer.


Try a Different Day or Time of Day

Bidding in the morning and all the experienced bidders seem to be in every single auction you are in? Try walking away until the afternoon or evening. The great thing is, no matter what auction you have your eye on and heart set on, there is always another one right around the corner. And experienced bidders have to sleep sometime, right?


The Tips & Tricks Tab

The Tips & Tricks tab on DealDash is really considered DealDash 101. Have you been flying blind and bidding without doing your research? If so, check this area out for a better understanding of how you can start winning more! And if you’re reading this blog, you already know about the customer-written blog section with real strategies and stories.



Vent. Respectfully. Let all your frustrations out with Customer Service. Seriously. Shoot them an email or log in to connect and chat with someone. I have done this several times and always felt better afterward. A few things to keep in mind though…be respectful. It’s not the Customer Service representative’s fault you are having a bad bidding day but they are more than happy to listen. They can even offer tips and suggestions that may help. I know they have helped me! You may even have a legitimate concern or creative suggestion that they can take to the DealDash team to improve things in the future. DealDash wants to hear what their customers have to say. Trust me on this, as I have said a lot!


Earn Free Bids

Whether you’re on a short sabbatical from DealDash or not, earning free bids always makes everything better. If you are on break, don’t forget to sign in for your daily bid to earn up to 30 bids each day (it only takes one bid!). Ask Customer Service about opportunities to earn free bids through social media or other ways. You may be able to pad your bids bank while you wait it out. And let’s face it, spending free bids feels sooooo good!


Saving the World, One Electronic Device at a Time

I hope something in this article was helpful to you if you are experiencing the occasional but seemingly inevitable frustration of penny auction bidding. If I can save just one person from performing computercide, it will have been worth it.