Big Changes!

Hey Everyone,

I got some great news for you all. On Thursday at around 8am we cut bid prices amazingly from $1.00 to $.60. Along with that we reduced the amount bids add from $.05 to $.01. This means that not only is it cheaper to place bids but the products are also cheaper. But listen, I made sure also that for those of you with credits already in your account that you get compensated for this. So if you had 10 credits now you have 16, if you had 100 now you have 166, etc. We are not entirely sure how long we can sustain these prices so you should definitely take advantage of this now. You can purchase BidPacks with assurance that in the future that if we need to raise the bid prices we will not be taking away your bids. You can trust me on this.

Well that’s about it, oh and remember to check back here again on Monday when we make an announcement about whether or not we will be keeping this pricing structure. I am really excited to see the possibilities with this and hope that you win some great deals even better then before!

Take a look at here for more information.

Catch ya’ later!

-Dave & The Team