Environmentally Friendly Laundry in a Pod

Meet The Laundry Pod, available on DealDash. The Laundry Pod is a portable environmentally friendly alternative to your average washing machine.

The Laundry Pod is made by a company called Storebound. Storebound produces interesting and much-needed products with innovative materials and function that also focus on environmental responsibility. Storebound has also designed products for Maytag, an American home and commercial appliance brand owned by Whirlpool.

The Laundry Pod was actually the winner of Core77’s “Greener Gadgets Design Competition.”

Here are some quick instructions on how to use The Laundry Pod:

  • Fill The POD with 4-6 liters of water and just a tablespoon of your favorite detergent.
  • Place up to 10 garments in the basket, and let the garments soak for a couple of minutes.
  • Make a few simple rotations of the handle. The rotation causes agitation and enables the clothes to be scrubbed and cleaned.
  • Drain the water by opening the valve and rotating the handle to extract the dirty water.
  • It’s time for the rinse cycle, just put some clean water in The POD and rotate the handle.
  • Open the valve on the bottom, place the draining tube into the sink, and rotate the handle again. This will extract most of the water. 
  • The rest of the water will be removed when the clothes are hung up to dry completely.

The Laundry Pod is really a great way to save on your home energy costs and help the environment at the same time! DealDash offers up The Laundry Pod regularly, and the average final selling price is $13.54, which is 89% off of the retail price. If you are looking for a great portable washing machine that uses zero power and a fraction of the laundry detergent go over to DealDash and hit the blue “Alert Me” button and DealDash will send you an alert email when they put a new auction for The Laundry Pod up for bid.


I’m Dawn, a mom of 2 living in Massachusetts. I love DealDash and YouTube, so I make “Unboxing” videos of my DealDash WINs. If you would like to see one of my DealDash themed videos, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO3Wdmo2sv0

The Laundry Pod
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Keter Rattan Planters for Spring

Have you heard of Keter before? Keter focuses on creating the best products to make people’s lives better.

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to bid on the Keter Rattan planters. This is a set of three woven rattan planters for indoor or outdoor use; and they are good looking!

What is rattan? 

Rattan is the name for the roughly 600 species of palms. Generally, raw rattan is processed into several products to be used as materials in furniture making. Source: Wikipedia

Knowing DealDash has quality items I was impressed by Keter and the quality of planters they offered. The quality plastic composite is water-resistant and won’t deteriorate, break, dent, rust, or stain like other materials can when subjected to the elements. This guarantees that these containers will last a long time whether they are placed in the living room or outside on the patio.

Always looking for bargains I had decided to bid on these Keter planters. I thought the price was good, they looked very nice and I could definitely use them outdoors this spring. The week I decided to bid on the planters was a free auction win week. This means that if you should win the auction you will only pay 1 cent for administrative costs and any bids used.

Keter Rattan Planter Set
Won on DealDash.com with 242 Bids! Total cost = $13.89

Not knowing for sure who or how many people would seriously bid on these I watched, bid once, then waited to see how many others were going to be in the auction. I then decided to try to win the auction, set my bid buddy and for only 242 bids and won! With bids on sale so often, I was able to get my bids for only 14 cents. For $13.89 (the cost of bids + $.01) I was able to win a set of beautiful Keter Rattan planters!

Having an opportunity to win something like this on DealDash really helps me stretch my budget and allows me to have nicer things around my home like these planters which are not only beautiful but sustainable and recyclable! Keter is a really amazing company and they use non toxic and 100% recyclable Polypropylene (PP) to manufacture their products!

I know it is only January, but it will soon be spring and I am excited to get these planters in the yard. DealDash.com is one of the most fair and honest sites on-line, which is why I’ve been shopping with them for about 2 and a half years.

By bluebea