DealDash Bidding to Donate


 christmas-treeShopping and bidding on DealDash is perfect for Christmas toys, but once you have won toys for all of your friends and family members, why not win some toys to donate?

DealDash is here to help you figure out how you can be a great person by donating to the less fortunate, but being a savvy shopper as well. With DealDash you don’t have to choose being kind or saving up your money, DealDash can help you get some wonderful things to donate but help you stay frugal as well.

Christmas is a wonderful and fun time for everyone, especially children. Unfortunately there are many families out there that are having trouble paying their bills and don’t have any extra money set aside to get their children presents. By saving money and bidding and winning your own family’s gifts on DealDash you can use the extra savings and turn it into a few toys for the less fortunate children in your town.

If you’re wondering where you should donate your toys, there are many places that distribute toys to children during the holidays. If you’d like to select a child or a family yourself instead of just dropping toys off, you can pick a child or family off the “Angel Tree”. They always have these trees at the mall, and sometimes at other stores, and sometimes the angel trees are available at churches as well. If you would like to drop toys off, there are many Toys For Tots donation drop offs. You can look them up online, and if you drop the toys off, you don’t even have to wrap them! If you would like to donate to older children or teens who aren’t interested in toys, you can always buy clothing or toiletries and give them to your local DSS/DCFS/Social Services offices so that they can distribute them to the kids and teens that are in foster care.

DealDash has not only toys for children, but also some clothing and beauty items that would be great for young adults or teens. Remember, just because a 17-year-old isn’t a cute little kid anymore, they would still love something to unwrap on Christmas.

As with all auctions on DealDash, if you don’t happen to win these items when you bid on them, then you can always BIN (Buy It Now) for the retail price, get all of your bids back to use again, get free shipping, AND get to keep of the clock time that you earned as being the highest bidder.

I hope that you have found this article helpful for thinking of ways that you can donate and become a hero for a less fortunate child. Thank you for reading! Go check out DealDash at this link right here. Good Luck and Happy Bidding everyone!

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