That’s a Bingo!

It’s Monday morning, and that means it is time for a new bingo square. On each square is an activity – or challenge – for you to complete in order to receive your 200 free bids and fill in that bingo square. You have one week to complete a challenge from when it is posted. If you miss a square, don’t fret! New challenges are posted every two weeks so a new opportunity for free bids is just around the corner.

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  • To qualify you must have purchased a Bid Pack in the last 7 days
  • A new bingo square will be unveiled on this blog post; check back so you don’t miss out!
  • Send video proof of the completed bingo activity to [email protected]

This week’s challenge…

The challenge this week is to write a bucket list!

For those who might not know, a bucket list is a list of activities that you want to do at some point in your life. An example might look like:

  1. I want to enjoy a piña colada on a Hawaiian beach
  2. I want to learn how to speak Spanish
  3. I want to run a marathon
  4. I want to complete a university degree
  5. I want to win a DealDash car auction

Your list can include whatever you like, just be sure to send it in either written or video form at, [email protected] to get credit for this week’s bingo challenge!

Don’t worry about keeping track of which squares you fill in; we’ll handle that for you!

And last but not least, there will be a special prize for those dedicated few that manage to fill in every square on their bingo cards. What is this prize, you ask? We are keeping that a secret for now, but its something you will not want to miss!

If any other questions about our new Bingo Promotion come up, contact our wonderful Support Team. They they will be happy to help.

Happy bidding, and we hope you have some fun writing out your bucket lists!

If you need any inspiration, you should watch the film, The Bucket List, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman – it is worth a watch and perhaps will help you as you write your bucket lists!

If you are new to DealDash or the bidding fee online auction model and want to give it a try, use the promo code “dealdash2022” upon registration to get an extra 100 free bids with your first Bid Pack purchase.

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