DealDash – Delivering Real Customers Real Satisfaction

DealDash – Delivering the Real Customers Real Satisfaction

Since the Internet exploded with e-commerce sites, shoppers have been eating up the great deals, almost endless selection of products, and the freedom to shop right from the comfort of their own homes. Many retailers and other businesses now cater exclusively to digital bargain hunters, and the different types of available shopping services has expanded to meet this growing demand. DealDash is no exception, and since its establishment in 2009, it has brought incredible, 100% legitimate auction bargains to customers all over the United States.

DealDash has been a pioneer in providing bidders with a fair and honest alternative to traditional Internet penny auctions. While some of the features on DealDash (such the unique No Jumper™ auctions that limit the number of bidders that can participate) simply make DealDash auctions easier to win, a lot of what DealDash is about simply making bidding and shopping safer and more reliable than other online auctions.

Customers love DealDash’s easy to use, straightforward interface that makes everything simple: from setting up your free account to winning your first auction! Everything is clear right when you sign up, and all of the information customers need is easily accessible on the website. Things only get better after you win your first auction: not only are all the items in DealDash auctions guaranteed to arrive brand new and in the manufacturers unopened packaging, but SHIPPING IS ALWAYS 100% FREE! No hidden surprises here, just a fast, fun way to get great deals! Plus, DealDash’s bidding platform has been verified as completely legit by third party audits, guaranteeing customers are bidding in completely fair and honest auctions!

Other auction sites, on the other hand, won’t give you all the facts about their auctions, and that makes them confusing and difficult to navigate. For example, some of them use random bid clocks that reset to “random times” when bids are placed. You never know what’s going to happen when you place your bid, let alone how you go about winning. They’ll also incorporate hidden fees, such as an extra costs to join certain auctions, outrageous shipping charges when you win an item, and even auto-billing that charges you for things you never agreed on. Sites like these don’t value their customers, and a little bit of research can show you who delivers the legitimate auction bargains and who is out to make a quick buck!

Customer Satisfaction Index Measuring DealDash and the Average Scores of the Top 100 Penny Auction Sites

According to information provided by the site aggregator, DealDash clearly beats out conventional penny auction sites in areas like customer satisfaction, scoring almost 200 on their scale compared to the competitions average of 37. DealDash depends on people participating on the site everyday, not on them losing the auctions. Losing customers means unhappy customers, and unhappy customers don’t want to visit the site! That means DealDash likes their customers to win and win often, and that’s why DealDash makes sure there are always enough great products being auctioned so everyone gets a great deal! Based on the reviews, customers seem to love this approach!

Customers love the great bargains they get in DealDash auctions! You can see photos and read testimonials from auction winners on DealDash’s new Pinterest page, and of course the official DealDash Facebook page. Every week we give out a 500 dollar gift card to the best Facebook photo submission of the week, and everyone who shares a photo of their DealDash purchases gets free bids! Pat won this week’s contest with this photo of all the great stuff she’s won in DealDash auctions!


With a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your initial bid pack purchase, trying DealDash is a risk free proposition. DealDash customers save between 60-90 percent on the great products featured in DealDash auctions, so get in on these great bargains and sign up now!