DealDash United States Bid Packs – Start bidding today!

We at DealDash want to challenge you: Name all 50 US States in under 5 minutes… Ready, Set, GO!

Don’t Cheat! But if you need a friendly reminder we recommend taking a trip down memory lane to the Fifty Nifty United States song from elementary school because we are introducing new DealDash US State Bid Packs weekly!

How many did you get right and which ones could you not remember!?

We believe among the most commonly forgotten states in this challenge are Kansas, Missouri, Connecticut, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Nebraska.

But don’t worry if you didn’t get them all, DealDash is here to teach you a thing or two about the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave with our new US State Bid Pack auctions.

Every week we are launching new special US State-themed Bid Pack auctions.

An example of the DealDash US States bid pack. Alabama, 1010 bids.
Alabama 1010 DealDash bid pack

Find the ones for your state or collect them all! They come bundled with fun facts and are available for all DealDashers.

The State Bid Packs are part of our special theme promotions.

We are kicking off this stately challenge with Alabama!

Did you know that the Alabama Butterbean Festival is held each October in downtown Pinson, where the festival once boasted 1,010 gallons of butter beans in a 4-foot tall, 7-foot wide metal pot constructed by area businesses, setting a world record for the largest pot of baked beans. We knew and that’s not all we know!

Try your bid at winning the Alabama 200, 775 and 1010 Bid Pack auctions today! 🌟

Firstly, there’s the Alabama 200 Bid Pack! Did you know… as Alabama is celebrating its bicentennial year.

Secondly, the Alabama 775 Bid Pack! Did you know… is about the number of amendments in the Alabama state constitution!

Finally the Alabama 1010 Bid Pack! Did you know… you read about above: 1,010 gallons of butter beans.

Screenshot 2019-08-01 at 10.42.44

Also be on the lookout for the One-Per-User icon making these stately Bid Pack auctions easier to win!

These Alabama bid packs are limited to be sold only from July 29th until August 18th so Godspeed and God Bless America!

DealDash United States of America bid packs continue weekly!

We are presenting trivia facts about West Virginia next week, stay tuned!